How To Purchase Retail POS Software – Three Possible Avenues

Based upon your experience with hardware and software installations, you should consider various routes of purchasing retail point of sales applications. These three paths are: Purchasing hardware and software separately and installing the system on your personal computer, purchasing the software/hardware POS bundle, and buying a retail POS software/hardware/support bundle. By analyzing all three possibilities and a bit of soul searching, you should have the ability to select the best of those three options. You will save yourself time and money by making the right decision.

Buying retail POS hardware and software separately

POS hardware and software can add up to a significant amount of money. You have the potential to save the most money by purchasing retail POS hardware and software separately. You can search for best deals on computers, decide on the most suitable flat display, barcode reader, and credit card swipe. Then just plug everything in and install the ideal retail POS software. When you’re moderately proficient at installing hardware and software, and can handle a thick users manual, this could save you a lot of money when purchasing, and more later once you will need to upgrade or replace hardware or software components.

Purchasing a retail POS software/hardware bundle

Many software companies offer retail point of sale software/hardware bundles. They are convenient and time savers as you will have no issues in integrating the hardware with the software at all. It’s been taken care of in the company. The software and driver installation is reduced to inserting a CD into the slot and following directions. This option is acceptable for a company owner who is good at handling complex software and hardware but wishes to invest their time into other things at hand rather than messing with the hardware and software components.

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Buying a software/hardware/customer support bundle

If you feel POS hardware and software is beyond your computer expertise and want maximal help installing the hardware and software, in addition to ongoing help in ensuring it operates smoothly, you can purchase software/hardware bundled with limited customer support. Such support usually is accompanied by an annual contract and a limited number of”issues” or”calls” to client support per year. Why purchase customer support? Well, customer service for complex software is costly, so, while you are promised customer support with every software purchase, and even every hardware purchase, don’t expect such”outstanding” customer service is going to be the fastest way to resolution of your problem. And when it comes to retail POS software and retail POS hardware, time literally is money. So to guarantee the quickest possible resolution of any forthcoming problem, it is wise to buy a guaranteed paid high-level support.

Finding The Right POS Software For Your Business

When it is time to upgrade your retail point of sale system or purchase a new one, retailers often wonder who to trust for this important purchase. Choosing a POS system supplier is about going with the hottest company and much more about picking the one that provides what you need for the best price.

To find that perfect fit, there are some fundamental things you should do before you shop around and a few important things to know about any possible service provider. The ideal POS software can have a dramatic impact on the success and efficiency of your business, so careful consideration is vital.

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• Know your budget and the costs involved in purchasing or updating a POS system. A new system might require significant start-up costs in computer upgrades to integrate it with your current system.

• Identify your company’s needs. Not every retail store requires the identical sort of POS service and a service which meets the needs of one company might be a total mismatch for another. Taking the time to decide exactly what you need in advance of your search for a new POS provider will save time and eliminate the probability of spending too much on features and applications that will not benefit you or your customers. Another good idea is to notice specifically what’s worked and what hasn’t worked when it came to your previous POS system.

Comparing Prospective Providers:

• Ask the right questions. Find out about the quantity of customer service that will be offered to you after you purchase a system. Is tech support available during your regular business hours? Will you have to purchase or upgrade things like computers and cash registers in order to implement a company’s POS system? Will a specific system integrate with your existing mainframe? Do they provide software or web-based systems, and which would be most valuable and cost-effective? Will a system supply the wireless processing functions you may desire?

Sometimes the best recommendations for new software come from others in your line of business. Since POS systems vary in their applicability and usefulness for certain kinds of companies, obtaining a few suggestions from informed sources can help narrow down your search for a new provider.

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• Find a Reputable Provider. POS system providers should be happy to offer references from satisfied customers. Check out their reputations and history with online searches and do not hesitate to get in touch with their references to discuss their overall experience with a given firm.

Retailers who understand the benefits of a successful POS system know that finding the right system supplier can make a massive difference in daily business operations.


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