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What Is Cloud Point Of Sale, And How Is It Different From ‘Traditional’ POS?

According to Hospitality Technology’s 2018 point of sale (POS) Software Trends Report (registration required), 61% of merchants said they want their next POS system to be cloud-based.

Compared to client-server POS systems that have developed over the course of decades, cloud POS is relatively new. Since cloud POS is one of the hottest trends in POS software and many businesses are considering a switch, it’s important to understand the answers to two important questions: What is a cloud-based POS, and how is it different from the systems that merchants have used for decades?

What Is Cloud POS?

In traditional client-server POS systems, merchants such as restaurants have devices for taking orders and processing payments, typically the monolithic terminals you see at the counter, host stand or bar top. These operations talked to a POS server, essentially a big computer sitting in a back room. Then there was some kind of network — wires and networking gear such as routers/switches — that carried and managed the traffic flow between the POS terminals and the POS server.

Cloud POS eliminates the need for a server and moves traffic flow to someone else’s datacenter. Typically, the network is wireless, so there isn’t a need to connect everything with wires. That’s not all that’s different. Larger operations had expensive data centers with servers and networking gear at headquarters. These were used to run test environments and backend reporting and analytics. They’re no longer necessary either, replaced by the provider’s data center in the cloud.

Why Is Cloud Garnering So Much Interest And Adoption?

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It’s always possible that trend followers are driving interest in cloud-based POS. It’s more likely, however, that cloud-based solutions provide tangible advantages in cost, simplicity, flexibility and function.

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Cloud POS

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