Why Retailers Should Pick a Receipt Printer that Doubles as a Label Printer

If you have been using a printer just for receipts, it is time to think about using a receipt printer that also doubles as a label printer. Label printers provide SMB retailers the ability to publish price tags, labels for internet orders, shelf tags and even labels with your logo that help brand your company.
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If you are in the market for a new printer, then select one that can work double duty for receipts and tags. Not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you should be:

Improved Customer Service

The holiday buying season is upon us, and based on a poll conducted by the National Retail Federation, people will spend an average of $967.13 annually. Purchase online pickup in store is hugely popular, with over 49 percent of those people surveyed saying they’d benefit from this option. The pickup counter will be active, so using printed labels rather than a receipt taped on a bag or box helps accelerate customer support by cutting down the time it takes a worker to find an order.

Shops using a label/receipt printer combination could create proof-of-purchase tags for bag-free shopping in addition to labels for yields that help store partners return products to stock more readily and accurately — something they will especially appreciate after the holidays.

Better Branding

Labels and receipts take the guesswork out of determining where your clients purchased something. These tiny takeaways ought to be a consistent extension of your brand.

Custom Labels

Your shop’s logo, address, telephone number and website can be added to the label template, so each tag is readily identifiable. A customized label is an advertising opportunity which can help drive new and repeat business to your shop. Utilizing ConnectPOS Cloud Services you can easily customize your receipts and get the maximum from your printer.

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Label printers also have templates for customized receipt printing, so your shop’s branding is cohesive. Every receipt ought to be customized with your store’s logo, brand messaging, site and tag line so people can quickly see where it came from.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Mobile label printers can be used anywhere on the sales floor to print product labels, shelf tags and price tags for new goods or markdowns. A mobile printer eliminates additional back and forth to the point of sale terminal to print tags, so restocking and screen changes can be accomplished quickly.


A good example is the ConnectPOS’ SM-L300 portable receipt printer, which doubles as a fully integrated label printer for retail shop, restaurant, delivery and warehouse applications. The SM-L300 supports thermal receipt paper and lined or linerless MAXstick label paper, which makes it the ideal mobile label printing solution for any business setting.

Safeguard your profit margin and stock by tagging your items correctly and exhibiting the prices. Proper labeling helps maintain accurate inventory counts in the POS system and protects you from pricing errors that may eat away at the bottom line. Many shops are subject to legislation pertaining to pricing conflicts. By way of instance, if a full-priced thing is inadvertently marked 50% off, the merchant to sell the item at the lowest marked price, even if it is a mistake.

Get the most from your printer investment using a model that could offer both receipts and tags to improve precision and efficiency, enhance customer service and make sure that online orders can be picked up easily

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