Why content marketing is important

Content Marketing Is Important. Not only because it builds trust, generates leads and cultivates customer loyalty but also because it is the new norm from the consumer side.

It helps to shape what customers want from brands that they interact with. It is more risky to ignore it than to invest in it.

Without a vibrant Instagram account, videos and some influencer campaigns, what travel, food or fashion brand could exist today?

Software companies are now tech teachers, offering how-to videos and eBooks. Apps, online knowledge centers and other tools have been developed by the financial industry to assist both individual and business customers in better meeting their financial goals.

Consumers are getting more from great content, particularly the dynamic, well-thought out strategies.

Content Marketing is Too Valuable to Both Brands and Consumers to Ever Be Gone

Your customers should appreciate content marketing. This is the number one reason why it is so important. Content marketing generates three times more leads than outbound marketing, six times more conversion rates, and can lead to a 7.8-fold increase in web traffic.

Content marketing is the key to creating the customer-centric environment we are now living in. Content is changing the relationship between a brand and a consumer.

For example, Cisco’s content hub The Newsroom. It contains everything that anyone in the tech industry or interested in it could be interested:

  • FOCUS is an online magazine that publishes a monthly issue.
  • [email protected] Facebook videos
  • Tech news blog posts
  • Biographies of Cisco’s Leadership Team

The company even has an innovative portal to market its greatest asset, its employees. [email protected] has three purposes: to empower employees, attract new talent and humanize the brand for customers.


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Cisco has been pushing content since years. Cisco hired 200 content marketing specialists in 2015 under the direction of Karen Walker, CMO. They have never looked back. They have increased their content marketing efforts in a really successful manner since then.

Content marketing is equally important in the B2C industry. Nike is a brand that has evolved beyond a company. Nike has been a way of living that has inspired generations.

Sephora is another example of a brand that has mastered the art of creating community through their content. They invite their customers into an educational and empowering environment.


Content marketing is a way for consumers to connect with brands by offering value and meaning and providing guidance and information.

There is no turning back.

As an alternative to the ad-age, content marketing was born. Content marketing was created as an alternative to the ad age.

But today, almost all marketers use content marketing – 91% of B2B marketers are B2C, and 86% of B2C.

Consumers love it, so there are no surprises.

Brands that ignore the importance of content marketing will be forced to catch up tomorrow. However, brands that have a content strategy are on the right track to improve their content. They can use better customer data, better technology and a more developed network of content producers, whether they are in-house or external.

Through content marketing, we learn about who we are marketing to

Content marketing is also important because it helps us understand our customers. Marketers can use the data that we see as customers move along the customer journey, such as engagement rates on social media posts and which videos they watch. The eBooks they download and the blog posts they read.

We can track which content is most popular and learn more about our customers by tracking this data. Brands who invest heavily in content marketing and are skilled at using CRM and marketing automation tools to make sense of it are able to gain a significant advantage. It’s possible to:

Hawkeye is a platform that analyzes content data and calls it Content Intelligence.

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This is where you take all of the data from your content analysis and make a better strategy. Then rinse, cycle and repeat to improve what you have and increase the impact of your content marketing.

You are missing the key to modern marketing: the constant flow of data related to your brand, your buyers (which comes from your content marketing strategies), the knowledge of what resonates right now with your customers – the who, where, why, how and when.

It’s already being used by your competitors

The last reason content marketing is so important for marketers is that your competitors may already be using it.

Your target audience already enjoys personalized messaging and knows they can visit your competitor’s website to find the answers to their questions, then you are in trouble.

Here’s the deal. Content marketing can be used to establish your brand’s credibility as an authority within your industry. It takes time for your content marketing strategy and trust to have an impact.

You have some work to do if your competitors already have large online blog libraries, active social media accounts, and are well-known for their knockout videos and annual marketing events.

Everyone needs content marketing, whether they are large companies with hundreds (or even thousands) of content producers and marketers or small businesses that focus on local business. It is not only important. It’s critical.

What should you do first?


Use the resources that you have. Develop a strategy that focuses on your brand and ensures high quality. Continue to grow your content strategy by learning more about your customers and engaging with them. This will help you build a bridge between your brand’s message and the people for whom your business exists.

source https://marketinginsidergroup.com/content-marketing/why-content-marketing-is-important/

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