Which Entrepreneur DNA category you fit in?

Why do you do what you do? Find out who you are.

Who are you? Why do you run your own business? What makes you escape the bed in a morning?

It is not a rocket science to state that all entrepreneurs aren’t alike and they have another reason, motivation and objective behind what they do for living. 1 particular motivation that’s the perfect fit for one person might not be appropriate at all for another.

I recently read a book called Entrepreneurial DNA and the author of the book has a very interesting stance on types of entrepreneurs. According to the writer, there are four kinds of business entrepreneurs. To put it differently, there are four entrepreneurial class types. Everybody is powerful in at least one class with parts of different categories might be mixed in. Here are the entrepreneurial DNA classes described by the author:

Determine which one you fit in.


This entrepreneur is highly motivated and proud of having the ability to create something. As the name implies, this individual likes to build and is extremely happy about expansion of the company he created and provides a jack #$%# about private income. Therefore, a definition of success for this man or woman is more people on his payroll and more business cars on the street.

The focus is very clear and his vision and mission are mapped out. Because of this, builders often grow quickly and more frequently than not, turn their small start-up into big corporations.

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So what is the downside? The connections and roadblocks that get in the way of progress could be regarded as an annoyance. This is precisely why builder entrepreneurs are viewed as’jerk’ by his colleagues because they do not care about chit chats and they do not attempt to place their message nicely. They are directly and mostly cut it short. To put it differently, the upside is the downside also.

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It’s important for others to remember that sometimes apparently cruel character is nothing personal against a person. It’s just a region of the DNA of a builder — something that comes with the package. But, they are often misunderstood, seen as cruel, but what they do is very important to their job of building value. They help in a development of the company and everyone connected with it.


Opportunist entrepreneur will be in a search for profitable opportunities. And once they find one, they go at it like nobody else will. They are highly motivated by personal incentive they are likely to get in the end of the journey and they are prepared to work night and day until get there. This breed of entrepreneurs is quite positive in their goal and is ready to go any length to accomplish that because they see the pot of gold at the end.

Unlike contractors, they are extremely engaging and relational. Their clients and colleagues love them for their friendly nature. They invest a decent amount of time in listening to life stories and make people feel liked and appreciated.

They need to quickly reach their target and that is why they’re also multitaskers and attempt to juggle so many things at once. This is why they lack focus. The lack of focus and fast decisions means varying outcomes. If they return at their track record, it is going to show they’ve gone forward two stepsback three, forward two, and back again. However, that will not be stopping them whatsoever. They are positive, see failures as a lesson and proceed. Because life is full of chances and they are always ready for the next one.

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This strain has specialized in a specific set of skills. A skill acquired with great education and/or experience and they’ve become an expert at it. They’ve worked for others and that is how they mostly begin. But being a pro, they’ve become quality-centric and they do not like loose ends. After getting frustrated about how things are managed, they will eventually break away.

They break away to be their own boss and eliminate all hindrances which are preventing them from doing things right and present quality back to their job. They are completely focused and proficient at what they do. Their accomplishment is in creating a product or service that stands out. Customers love them due to the high quality satisfaction they have and as they seldom lose a customer.

So, what’s the catch today? Well. As experts, these entrepreneurs are extremely good at what they do but they do not have a fantastic grasp on the business development side. They are actually not concerned about company development in any respect. Their pride is in creating a fantastic quality product/service. This is the reason their company seldom grows beyond a certain degree. They want someone to remind them to serve more customers, expand business and make more connections.

They’re all set with what they do, but they will see extravagant growth only if they get help from somebody in their business development side.


Let’s walk 1 step farther from specialists and we’ve got the innovators — the mad creatives.

They despise doing’same old, same old’ and love to redefine things. They are happy to dedicate all their time just in order to have a pride of doing something new. These are the individuals who invent things that touch and change lives at a really large scale. Their work excites not only them but others also.

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They don’t care about the commercial aspect of what they do and hence they aren’t driven by gains or personal gains. The innovators are just focused on their mission. In these regards they are somewhat similar to experts.

Their decision making is completely emotion-based in their attempts to help others. Like experts, innovators need a fantastic support system from others to develop and operate the business side of their goods and/or services.

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