Utilizing the POS to Boost Your Most Profitable Things

All businesses want to market more — but when you can sell the most profitable items, you are going to fare even better. Here are few basic methods you can leverage ConnectPOS Point of Sale to be certain that the items that you hope are part of every transaction stay top of mind — for the customers and employees.

Help your employees upsell.

Irrespective of how well versed and gifted your customer-facing staff are, it may be a challenge to provide customers the service that suits their needs while presenting the most lucrative alternatives to upsell. With your ConnectPOS POS, it is possible to exhibit fixed-position client LCD screens using a visual slideshow that promotes the products and add-ons you need customers to consider within the current buy, directly at the point of sale.

Keep pricing present.

If you have just received information of a short-term reduction chance for buying a certain quantity of merchandise from a vendor, or even negotiated a more favorable purchase arrangement with a vendor that will make newly profitable products greater priority, ConnectPOS POS real time expression ensures that you can leverage these business opportunities instantly. Since new pricing alterations are reflected across all of your systems, when you change a product’s price in the back office, the shift instantly occurs in the POS terminal also. Does such integration facilitate your own operational requirements, but it guarantees your front-of-house staff are equipped with real time updates to maximize their efficacy.

Improve stock control.

Ease the process of taking, ordering and receiving with ConnectPOS POS and the handheld ConnectPOS SmartPDE, which may be used with a wireless network, or plugged into a computer and downloaded at your convenience. Equipped with SmartPDE, which comprises an integrated scanner, you can keep complete, real-time control over the most profitable items, such as setting unique principles for reordering and replenishment, creating purchase orders and invoices directly from the device, and transferring stock to various locations to prevent surpluses or shortages of these things you want to market.

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Package offers appropriately.

Besides transferring your most profitable products, ConnectPOS can help you analyze which products you have in small quantity and have a tough time selling to make appealing”free gift” or”package” deals that let you move unwanted inventory, and improve the appeal of lucrative products in tandem. By analyzing and segmenting your customers with your ConnectPOS POS information, you may also target customers based on their geographical location and purchase history to ascertain the ideal offer, at the perfect price. Leverage loyalty programs offered through your POS by providing additional rewards making chances when clients buy profitable products.

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It is Easier to Save a Dollar than Make a Money: Use Your POS to Save Huge!

Every dollar counts when you are striving to develop and maintain a profitable business. By leveraging ConnectPOS Point of Sale software features, you can make certain you’re optimizing customer relationships and streamlining operations to remove wasted expenses. Here’s how.

Strategize promotions:

Apart from the fact that there are costs related to offering customers published coupons, a promotion that is perfect at fostering average order values one day might cause you to drop money on a busier day when customers would purchase with or without an offer. Likewise, the stock you have on hand may demand whether you wish to”bundle” certain items for a limited time, to move smaller amounts of inventory with bigger ones. With ConnectPOS POS, you can automatically schedule special pricing and deals to apply and expire according to your company needs at any given time. As you”test and find out,” the POS also makes it easy to run reports to get a deeper comprehension of which provides perform well according to your own objectives. As time passes, you can eliminate wasting advertising dollars on unsuccessful printed or direct mail campaigns.

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Optimize and manage stock:

Ensuring that you have the goods on hand that provide the experience customers want — while wasting as little of it as possible — is the secret to realizing at least a return for each dollar you spend. Because discounts and special pricing of stock are controlled by the ConnectPOS POS and don’t allow for employees override, you can make certain that your pricing is accurate, and reflective of what the client receives. If you serve alcohol, ConnectPOS POS also ensures that servers verify that a client’s date of birth, to mitigate your exposure to costly legal threat. Ordering the stock you need in the appropriate quantity is easy, too; you can also receive stock on a mobile.

Thank customers instantly:

QSR Magazine reports that despite the prevalence of restaurant customer loyalty programs, many don’t deliver an actual benefit to business or client, since the program”hurdles” are too large. With ConnectPOS POS, it is possible to make rewards programs valuable and relevant to every customer by, as an instance, offering a discount that they can redeem instantly, depending on the sum of money spent or items ordered. Furthermore, ConnectPOS POS equips you to run”real-time” promotions, such as one which might provide every customer who requests a particular menu item the chance to win a free meal or beverages.

Minimize check out times:

Making clients wait a few minutes to finalize the processing of the invoice could quickly sour an otherwise terrific experience that could lead to referrals and repeat visits. With efficiency-optimized merchandise and tender keys, and the ability to combine text and images on the keyboard template to help in item identification, ConnectPOS POS enables employees to process orders quickly. Should your power or wireless network be temporarily disrupted, ConnectPOS POS”Offline Mode” ensures that you’re able to run POS transactions without interruption.

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