Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Tips To Boost Average Retail Basket Size

Up-selling and cross-selling in-store is among the most significant practices all your employees will need to excel at. Yet even bigger, established retailers appear to have challenges getting their employees to participate in this crucial behaviour.

By perfecting the craft of up-selling and cross-selling not only can you raise average basket size, your customers will perceive this as a unique, valuable service that sets you apart from competitors. But many retail workers do not always engage in this practice. This is a rather straightforward area for retail leaders to drive developments — if they adopt the appropriate strategies and systems.

The Art of Up-Selling

During an up-sell, you are encouraging your clients to increase the amount they spend on a product solution. Based upon your retail class, this could be indicating more expensive (better) products/models/styles, larger amounts, or additional features. By way of instance, a 32Gb iPhone could be up-sold into a 64Gb iPhone. The customer might not have considered the importance of updating their original selection and appreciate having all available alternatives to take into account.

To be successful with this system, always wait until the client has made the buying decision prior to introducing the up-sell alternative. Also, be certain to plan simple up-selling options your employees can be cued to indicate at POS.

The Art of Cross-Selling

‘Would you like fries with that?’ — the classic case of a cross-sell.

Cross-selling is all about strategically indicating additional related products to your clients with each transaction. By way of instance, a retail assistant could suggest accessories that will complement their existing selection and as the customer is already trapped in the enjoyment of purchasing, they will often instantly find the extra benefit the extra item suggested.

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For optimal cross-selling, make a list of related products which will be complementary to each item in your shop. I.e. provide a customer who is buying a suit, a dress shirt, and a suitable tie.

The objective is to greatly increase average basket size and enhance the complete transaction value. Consider the sale of a dress at $150, by simply encouraging the customer to get a matching accessory at $25 it is possible to attain a 16% gain in the selling value. The attractiveness of a cross-sell is that the consumer is currently in a’buying style’; hence the opportunity is ripe to lure them with an extra purchase.

The Value of Staff Training

Staff preparation and confidence is integral to both the up-selling and cross-selling procedure. Empowering your employees with role play and practice in bridging statements or major questions will be sure they provide a greater customer experience and successfully increase basket size with each sale. By investing in training and using regular briefings on what to recommend, you may foster employees that are well informed and motivated to automatically apply these sales skills in their regular customer engagements.

Employing innovative POS software with a highly effective product recommendation engine will help encourage this behavior and will equip your sales staff with the right tools and information to create the cross-selling process simple.





How an Advanced POS Enables Consistent Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

An innovative Point of Sale solution like ConnectPOS can enable staff with the proper resources to maximise basket dimensions and empower multi-buy strategies and opportunities. It does this by making it simple for employees to identify which products to choose for up-sell/cross-sell unique to every situation/customer. It takes into account old inventory, marked down things and available stock in different locations or channels. You could even add onscreen cues such as”Can you put in a sale?” , setup incentives and report on each staff members functionality.

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An advanced POS may also give employees a better understanding of demographic information such as age and sex for occasion-based shopping/cross-sells. By way of instance, if they understand a client has a husband and children, they could cross-sell for men and kids. And even better, if the client has a history of buying, the sales staff can leverage suggested items related to past earnings.

In a nutshell, your POS system should empower your employees to be proactive, and aide simplicity and efficiency at the up-sell/cross-sell technique.

Most shoppers are driven by promotional incentives like promo codes, sales tiers (spend more, save more), and loyalty programs. Using an innovative Retail Management System such as ConnectPOS, it is possible to configure more complex practices in these areas. By way of instance, you can create a tiered loyalty point system that offers more incentive for greater spend so shoppers reach the next discount level. Exclusive offers, can be made accessible only to loyal shoppers to give them a reason to come back and build status. You can even incorporate your eCommerce website in order to provide Click & Collect and In-Store Stock and push in-store purchases which enable effective up-selling and cross-selling chances.

Visual Merchandising — The Silent Salesperson

In addition to using an advanced POS system that enables staff to up-sell or cross-sell you can also reap the benefits of visual merchandising.

“Good visual merchandising displays and designs are a merchant’s closest buddy and silent salesperson. Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re searching for by using adjacencies to aid with the up-sell. Put belts on/with trousers, bags with shoes, telephones and appliances with their accessories, and so on, so the merchandising is up-selling for you”, advises Brian Walker, a retail consultant, in Smart Company.

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Applying these techniques online will also achieve higher sales levels. Consider using pop-up tips or headings such as”customers who bought this item also purchased” or”you may also like”, depending on the customers chosen buy item on your online shop. E-commerce surveys have found 30 percent of buyers will create an extra, last-minute buy when shown another product that complements their original option. Promoting a bonus of free delivery with another purchase at check out will also cause more sales.

Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

There are endless advantages of your retail team embracing up-sell and cross-sell methods. And, if done in the correct way, can lure customers to come back to your shop because your employees provide knowledgeable, helpful and positive support. If your staff are not trying to up-sell or cross-sell you’re missing out on countless additional sales with each and every transaction!





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