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A Demo Is Great but Not Enough

Do not judge a book by its cover, as they say.

The graphic user interface is a poor element. There are a lot more important things to think about: such as system design, offline and online accessibility, speed, set of attributes. By the way, generally, the user interface could be updated to satisfy your style and tastes.

When you find a demo, figure out if it is a demo setup you’re seeing or a real working system. Is the demo computer stronger than the hardware your workers will use? Is the online connection similar? Are you ready to upgrade your hardware, if needed?

With demos, make it hands. Ask among your front desk workers for an opinion. Your IT guy probably knows how to deal with any applications, but all your workers may not be computer literate. The interface has to be as intuitive as possible, as this saves your company countless working hours.

The hands-on demo was great? Now it is time for a trial run, preferably in many devices and actual working conditions. Attempt to enter or export data to determine how the system manages the data flow.

Actually, we suggest starting from the trial version; many software vendors offer it with no demonstration run. Look and feel aren’t so important; a fantastic software tool is designed for heavy usage and scalability; your workers will get used to it immediately, and it enhances their workflow.

Simple Management of Complex Inventory

Many stores appear to sell simple products, but here in ConnectPOS, we all know better.

We all know your products are supposed to appear easy, but to you, they are multifaceted and complex.

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You have some things with variants, some with elements, some which are sold separately, but also in bundles, and a few that you put together yourself. In addition to that, you will need to track where all of those elements come from, what they cost, and what sort of profit you are making on them after all that work. We get you.

We do complicated inventory, simply.

Matrix products were our initial foray into this area, and we have a good feature set for your items which arrive in a base product with several variants in up to three dimensions.

Is that greek to you? What we mean is that if you sell shoes, in a few materials (leather, and canvas), a few colours (black, brown, green, and glitter), and all types of sizes, (8-16mens and 8-12 women’s), we can manage that with our matrix solutions. This is incorporated into our system that will assist you handle these as related items in both buying and reporting.

Then, you told us that you like to sell people, then also multi-unit packages. Oh, and occasionally? You order multiples or massive quantities, but sell them in tiny amounts or singles. You got it! We do’Packages’.

You can divide your kilograms of tea to g, or pounds to ounces (we like metric and imperial!) . You can sell’sets’ of multiple items as one major thing, or the inverse and market a portion of the whole.

We also listened when you told us that, at times, you don’t need to break up those or build them up on the fly, you build things. We heard you and we got you Assembled Products. Assembled products may be used to market products you’ve made, constructed, or bundled together into a secondary product. The components of constructed products may or may not be sold individually.

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Let us take the simple example of a Gift Basket.

For the Gift Basket, we could create elements, say, a Teddy Bear, a coffee mug, a few hot cocoa mix, and three pieces of tissue paper wrapping.

A few of those elements can be sold individually or something like newspaper wrapping can be utilised as an”assembly item,” as a thing which you don’t sell, but you really do need to monitor stock levels for. Needless to say, you order which products can or can’t be sold on their own. It is all done through easy labeling and drop-down menus.

Begin your own 14-day free trial. No credit card required includes all available features.

As soon as you’ve set elements, you can go ahead and install the assembled product, the Gift Basket. After that present Basket is created, it is going to deduct the components from inventory, forming a brand new product in the system.

Why is this useful?

It helps keep all your coverage in check, particularly for your cost of products, margins, and stock levels. It permits you to also know how many’constructed’ products you have and how many parts are abandoned. No more guessing if you have enough in stock to produce a complete product.

Moreover, it lets you pack your less known or less-in-demand products with your hotter items so that you may find a boost in sales!

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