Top four Advantages of cloud Technologies

Being nimble is one of the biggest benefits of a small company. In comparison to large businesses, small businesses are much faster in making decisions. There are less board meetings and fewer approval layers. Because of this, while it’s about business plan, client requests or even changing product lines, decision making is quicker.

The nimbleness is in reality a competitive edge for every small company and it is only strengthened by cloud technology. Cloud technologies has changed the way we small companies conduct our business.

By way of instance, if we compare it to the previous ten years, large companies had their own competitive edge and it had been efficacy through due procedures endorsed by technology. Tech was something afforded by big companies and considered a luxury for small companies. This limitation no longer applies, thanks to cloud technologies. This adds to skills of small business to compete against their big counterparts.

KPMG estimates the growth in usage of cloud solutions in Australian retail and other companies could add economic development of $3.32 billion annually.

Obviously, every company will benefit from the improvements in technology. But, I think that small companies are going to be the biggest beneficiary, based on the following:

1. File sharing and storage

I recall my first server quotation as a small company. It had been 7k for a host that would allow me and my group members to have a shared file system. As a startup, I answered to the computer man and summary of my response was ‘thanks but not thanks’.

But, things are different now. With services such as Dropbox, my staff can share terabytes of information, it’s securely stored in cloud and costs us only $15 per user per month.

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This also makes it possible for me to work with freelancers on other areas of the planet. I can also effectively get the exact same demonstration copy in Sydney, Melbourne or San Francisco. You don’t need to think about that USB drive !

Having access to all of my files and files, available anywhere, has certainly increased our efficiency.

2. Reduced costs

Like this file sharing server, there are lots of things that you don’t want anymore. In actuality, a computer is all you want to effectively run your company. You don’t need expensive virtual private networks; you get cloud-based applications on a low, monthly subscription as well as speedy 4G mobile internet is currently cheaper.

In addition, I do not need a costly storefront if I’m into retail as products can easily be sold online. An effective web space or great social networking marketing does the job. Likewise I could purchase services online so my workers now come from all over the world, I’ve got larger talent pool to select from and it’s cost-effective.

This helps my small business compete with companies of any size, throughout the world.

3. Data security

Just few years back, it was easier to lose things and information security wasn’t as effective. Not sure even the’data security’ word itself was effective. We all had in the name of information security was that little drawer key that was mostly left in the drawer to be certain everybody could access it!

Gone are the days when we must fiddle through pile of newspapers to discover the things. Now storing and finding items is simpler with Dropbox — given that you don’t dump everything in 1 folder. I also don’t need to be concerned about my computer’s hard disk crash or data piracy since Dropbox looks then for me.

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4. Scalability

Working at the cloud also means great scalability for small companies.

Any fantastic cloud-based POS systems like ConnectPOS will grow with your organization. By way of instance, ConnectPOS POS System enables you to add an excess shop to your system with just a click of a button. With this, you can get all of your shops using only one centralised point of sale system. Accessing data and seeing reports is now simpler.

Likewise ConnectPOS is Omnichannel POS system so that you could sell in-store, on-the-go and online using only 1 system. There are loads of additional features like stock, roster, iPad app, appointments, lay-bys, kitchen purchase display and even more for a fraction of the cost you would have paid 10 years back.

Think about a POS system with order display in kitchen ten decades ago — something like what you see in KFC and McDonalds with phone, push through and front counter orders are immediately visible in kitchen — it would have cost you at least 10s of thousands of dollars. It’s efficient but not cheap for a small company. Now, 10 years later, with ConnectPOS POS applications you may do precisely the same and much more for a fraction of the cost. You may use ConnectPOS POS system with these features for a low monthly subscription of $39 a month.

If you are a small business, consider how you can get even more nimble just with a ideal piece of technology. It may be just the thing you need for this rapid expansion.

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