Top Five Benefits of a Mobile POS System

A cell POS system is an easy way to drive more sales, margin and loyalty for all your retail stores. When you haven’t considered whether cellular tablets should play a role in your in-store service and selling process, it is well and truly time that you do.

What’s a Mobile POS?

A mobile POS system is composed of POS software which may be conducted on Windows-based or iPad tablets enabling your employees to interact with clients, wherever they are in your shop.

In a recent poll, 52.8percent of shoppers said they seek out retail employees that take tablets; meaning that they need your team to be armed with the best technology.

So, what business benefits can these cellular point of sale systems bring to your enterprise?

1/ Minimise walkouts and showrooming

Once they step into your shop, your prospective clients are seeking to confirm that you have the products that satisfy their requirements readily available in stock, know what price you are charging and answer a few other relevant questions to help them determine whether they would like to buy.

Shoppers often feel reluctant to approach the counter to ask a question. Most will simply walk out (frequently engaging in showrooming) if this crucial decision-making information is not quickly introduced to them as they browse your shop.

Using a Mobile POS solution you are able to intercept the process and proactively engage the client, armed with all the info in your POS system to facilitate the sale.

An innovative mobile Point of Sale system such as ConnectPOS enables your employees to quickly locate relevant products and supply real-time stock availability, pricing and a wealth of additional merchandise details. It will use Google-like fuzzy fitting so workers are convinced their searches will return certain products or supply nearest matches to indicate a selection of options, clarifying the odds of winning the sale.

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The ability to pull up product information and pricing details economically whilst interacting with the client is valuable in providing a terrific shopping experience.

Additionally, it enables your employees to close the sale with enticing offers that will not undermine your bottom-line.

Where you do not have stock of suitable goods in store, your employees can see in real-time what is offered in different locations and organize automatic inventory transfers from other outlets for home delivery or store pickup.

You can even integrate in-store screen browsing containing all inventory across your shop network that the client can navigate themselves and make quick purchases.

Giving your employees the ability to complete several sales anywhere in the shop rather than being restricted to the sales counter increases sales, lower waiting period, and get rid of the need to queue.

1 Australian company achieving substantial success with Mobile POS is Vast Furniture & Homewares. Franchise owner, Chad Sawtell has equipped his client support staff with cellular tablets running ConnectPOS, allowing them to engage with clients on the showroom floor instead of being trapped behind the counter.

Sawtell said the debut of ConnectPOS on tablet devices has decreased walkaways by 10%, which represents an additional $100,000 in revenue per year.

“We work hard to offer shoppers an outstanding customer experience. ConnectPOS is the backbone of the approach since it enables us to answer all their questions regarding pricing, stock availability and delivery times immediately,” he said.

“The point where people are willing to hand over their money is when they see something they like, thus we do whatever we can to take the discount mentality from the equation and close the transaction.”

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“With ConnectPOS in our hands, we take away all of the reasons why they may want to delay. You need a different colour? No problem. We now have these options available. Can not afford it? You may put down $200 today and pay off the rest with time. Allow me to show you how our payment plan functions. By answering all of their questions right there on the mobile tabletcomputer, we can close the purchase there and then,” he explained





2/ Cross-sell and up-sell to Boost basket size

An innovative Mobile Point of Sale solution like ConnectPOS enables your employees to engage clients in the section of the shop they have merchandise interest in then quickly identify and show them a range of up-sell and cross-sell goods to increase basket dimensions. Staff can easily identify which products to choose for up-sell/cross-sell unique to every situation/customer. It takes into account old inventory, marked down things and available stock in different locations or channels.

3/ Drive called sales and reward loyal customers

Capturing customers’ information is simple and accurate when they could understand your device screen and fix any prospective mistakes on a mobile POS screen.

Using built-in loyalty programs, you can incentivise the client to offer these details. Next time they see, your employees can then pull demographic information about their mobile POS like age and sex for occasion-based shopping/cross-sells. By way of instance, if they understand a client has a husband and children, they could cross-sell for men and kids. If the client has a history of buying, the sales staff can leverage previous buying to indicate items related to past earnings.


4/ Selling through pop-up shops

If you sell at trade shows, car park earnings, markets or pop-up shops, a mobile POS system is the perfect solution. With ConnectPOS mobile POS solution, inventory levels are adjusted in real time between all your shops including your eCommerce webstore, giving you a good idea about what you need to offer at any 1 time.

5/ Lower shrinkage in-store

Because your sales staff have more time to engage clients in-store, common shrinkage from shoplifting, administrative errors, and vendor fraud will decrease. With less time spent behind the counter, workers can concentrate on other sales strategies that will increase profits.


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