Tips & Suggestions: Retail Sales Games For Workers

Interesting is inspirational.

So is competition. Combine the two into a retail sales game, and suddenly you’re building morale among employees while inspiring them to accomplish company objectives. Before we discuss ideas for games you could possibly use, let’s take a look at a few vital elements of a motivational retail sales game.


Keep It Simple
The game should not want all your employees’ mental capacity. It has to be simple enough for them to incorporate in their typical job duties with no becoming a distraction.

Don’t Wait
Some retail managers make the mistake of waiting until the end of the week to post results or award prizes. Real time results work better and maintain employees more consistently motivated. Rivals can banter, and part-timers don’t feel as disadvantaged.

Above and Beyond
Benefits for any incentive must require that employee to go above and beyond their normal job description. Normal job duties lead to routine performance. To increase their performance, use the game to push them to reach beyond what they’re already doing.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for: sport ideas.

Digging For Dollars
Fill a jar with dollar bills. Decide on a specific, quantifiable and achievable aim. By means of example, if you want to sell more multi-person tents on your sporting goods store, use a tent sale since the objective. When a salesperson sells a tent, they get to pull out a buck the jar. At the end of the day, whoever offered the most tents gets an excess prize (gift card, $5 bill, after birth time, etc.. )

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The best thing about the game is that it rewards all the employees who reach the specified goal and not just the ones that sell the most. Everybody wins, but the winner wins more.

Other possible goals could be enrolling a customer in the loyalty program, signing someone up for the store credit card, or buying an excess product accessory (e.g. extended warranty, dessert, handbag…).

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Pass the Buck
This particular game works similarly to Digging for Dollars, as much as the specific aim is concerned. Select a goal for the day and convey it at the start of the first shift. Perhaps you’ll have to liquidate some big-ticket items, so the goal for the day is to sell more flat screen televisions. The first person to sell a flat screen is given a $20 bill. They get to keep that $20 prior to the next person sells a flat screen. If they sell the approaching level display, then they keep the $20 in their possession, but when a second partner sells one they need to present that associate with the $20. This departure of the dollar continues until the end of a shift or at the conclusion of the day. Whoever has the $20 at the end of the designated time gets to keep it.

Pass the Buck has an additional element of competition by allowing employees to pick the benefit from each other while still incentivizing the sale.

Tic — Tac — Toe/Bingo
If you have got several goals you want your staff to accomplish at a time, your best choice is to go with the old, reliable Tic-Tac-Toe or Bingo game board. Use Tic-Tac-Toe for people who have under 10 targets and Bingo for those who have over 10, only because of the quantity of squares for the respective games. In each square, set a goal:

  •      Upsell a product
  •      Sell a specific product
  •      Get a customer to download the store app
  •      Add a customer to the email list
  •      Have a customer fill out a store  credit card application
  •      Scan a QR code to show a customer more product info
  •      Open the door to have a customer
  •      Invite customers to an upcoming event
  •      Etc.
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Give every employee a game board with the squares arranged differently. Since the worker accomplishes a goal, they get to cover that square. Completing three or five in a row before their co-workers do earns them first prize. To fuel the competitive fires, set all of the game boards on display in the workroom so employees can see precisely what they need to do and whom they ought to beat to the punch in order to win.

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