The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Instagram for Business

A great Instagram business strategy is built on building community.

There are many people who want to connect with your products, whether you’re selling kitchenware, mid-century modern furniture, accessories or jewelry. However, using Instagram for business can be difficult and constantly evolving. It can also be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

We spoke with four entrepreneurs who use Instagram as their primary platform to find out how they are able to succeed on this giant social media platform.

How to create an Instagram account for your business

Before we get into the strategy part of things, it’s necessary to create an Instagram business account. Additional features such as analytics are available to business accounts that can be used in conjunction with personal Instagram accounts.

  1. Join Instagram. On a desktop device, visit or download the Instagram app from the App Store for mobile.
  2. You can decide what your Instagram handle should look like. This is your @ name. Your handle should be as close as possible to the shop name so that people can find it easily. Consider adding a clarifying word to your shop’s name or a character such as an _. If your shop’s name is Bear’s Wares, and it’s taken, you can try @bearswaresandmugs.
  3. Once you have your personal account, you can transfer it to your business account. Navigate to the profile and you will see three horizontal lines at the top right-hand corner. Then, select Settings. Select Switch to Professional Account if you see it. Select Account if you don’t see it. Click Continue to switch to Professional Account. Next, select the category that your business falls under and click Continue. Next, choose Business and decide whether you want to add contact information or skip this step. To complete the transformation, you don’t have to create a Facebook account.

How to create an Instagram business strategy

Trust is built by consistency over time. It’s important to let your followers know what you expect of them and when you will deliver it. This creates excitement that can lead to a stronger relationship between your brand and that follower.

Guest House’s Instagram strategy is based on this idea. Jaquory says that consistency and cadence are the two pillars on which we base our strategy.

The foundation of an Instagram strategy for business is not just a consistent pace. It’s also about building and maintaining an online community. These ideas will be explored further below.

1. How you will appear live, on video and in stories.

There are many ways to post on Instagram.

Live stream and interact with your followers in real-time. Participate in the conversation with your followers by answering their questions and submitting comments.

You can share longer videos or keep it short and sweet with Reels. Engage your followers via Stories and posts to your feed.

Whatever combination you choose to use, your Instagram appearance will impact the perception of your brand.

Transparency is key to building deeper relationships with your community.

Megan Mensink, Folklor

Instagram is a lively platform that allows you to have conversations, connect with others, and create meaningful interactions. You don’t have to post only one thing. You have the opportunity to create a community around your brand on Instagram.

Bailey Richardson, cofounder of People & Company, and coauthor of the book Get Together, How to Build a Communities with Your People, discussed this idea on the Inside Intercom podcast.

“I believe that more people will get together and make our lives more meaningful and fulfilling. Bailey stated that businesses can grow faster, more ethically or more informed if they have people involved.

Consider where you will be posting content to Instagram.

Megan from Folklor says, “Be transparent and you can build deeper relationships with your community.”

2. Set the content that you want to share in your feed

There are many entities that make up your Instagram account, but Instagram Stories is the most important. First, determine the content categories that you will share on your Instagram account. This is the content that people can see whenever they click on your profile.

It is the uniqueness of each brand and person that makes them fascinating.

Madison Snider, Fewer Finer

Brands tend to choose a beautiful, curated feed and save less-produced content in Stories. What you do will reflect your business goals and brand’s look and feel. Madison of Fewer Finer said, “Don’t try to be like everyone else or get too caught up in how you should be doing it.” Each person and each brand are unique, which is what makes them so interesting.

However, it is important to identify the types content that you would like to share in order for you to create a balanced feed.


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