The Changing Culture of Off-Premise

Technology has always been a large part of my career, and within the past 12 years, I’ve applied my skills and experiences into the hospitality sector in an attempt to encourage food service operators in their quest to master their takeout, delivery and catering sales channels and operations.

In Monkey Group, we pivoted our company back in 2011 to expand on our mission to help restaurant operators grow sales and increase profits by teaching them to become specialists at feeding their clients where they live, work, and play. Today, our three branches — Catering Institute, MonkeyMedia Software, and Off Premise Insights — work together to help food service operators take charge of their own off-premise operations to better serve their on-demand clients. We concentrate our efforts on the ways food service operators and consumers participate, by providing restaurant leaders the information and resources they need to better serve their clients.

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We’re constantly hearing from MonkeyMedia Software clients who are currently tasked with:

  • Managing third-party partnerships across multiple platforms
  • Handling logistics in terms of delivery (if through self-managed fleets or third party drivers)
  • Ways to handle myriad of revenue channels their guests are wanting to use for off-premise orders

This is the reason our Off-Premise Insights division continues to expand on off-premise thought-leadership and best practices. This is accomplished through educational content, media, community development, and event stewardship. Especially, at our 2019 Takeout, Delivery and Catering Symposium, in Nashville, on June 3-4, we’ll shift the dialogue toward assisting operators take back control of the off-premise operations.

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At our Symposium in June, the dialog will use our 5 Pillars of Successful Takeout, Delivery and Catering business framework and will concentrate on today’s trending and important topics. These topics will address blurred lines in food assistance, how operators can leverage their customer data to improve sales and marketing, the future of off-premise, and , new growth vehicles for capitalizing on and leveraging the off-premise category.

With this much activity among third-party suppliers and customers, the off-premise area is quickly changing, leaving operators to play catch up to technology trends. Now’s the time for restaurant operators to double back on their technology stack to better serve their on-demand clients. Nobody can argue that the increase of delivery has captured restaurant operators in their heels; and the importance of shipping in the modern on-demand society shouldn’t be overlooked. Delivery now permeates through every restaurant business and each operational station.

Off-premise has pioneered change throughout the restaurant section — not just with third party marketplaces and third party shipping service supplies, but also in its own operations, with considerations to handle off-premise volume production and supply via dark/ghost kitchens.

I will always think that technology will play a major part in overcoming a number of the obstacles to the successes of takeout, delivery and cateringnonetheless, technology suppliers also play an integral part in the conversation. That is why our partnerships with companies like PAR’s cloud-based Brink POS Software are so significant. If at the end of the day our collective aim is to earn the operators we function more successful, we need to be ready to work together to supply the technologies, business frameworks, and sales coaching programs which enable and enable their successes to happen.

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The Symposium in June will be a wonderful place for food service operations to learn, network and talk amongst their peers about the challenges and possible solutions which exist among every of their brands.



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