The Best Magento POS Integration and Systems?

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Magento is a leading open source e-commerce software which enables merchants to operate an online store. A product of Adobe, this content management system (CMS) is free, flexible, and simple to install, suitable for small businesses and enterprises alike. Empowering over 250,000 e-businesses, Magento supports merchants with an integrated solution tailored to meet any business needs, providing the best shopping experience.

Magento is a scalable and customizable platform that provides innovative features and third party integrations that will benefit companies operating on a Point of Sale (POS) system. The number of businesses powered by Magento continues to grow, and for online retailers opting to expand their businesses, integration with Magento is the most relevant solution.

Various Magento POS integration systems provide reliable technology on the market, however, finding the ideal POS system for your business can prove to be challenging. To aid in this process, the following would be the best, most credible Magento POS integration solutions available.


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How to Select the Best Magento POS System for Your Industry?

Many retailers struggle with picking the ideal POS system for their business, mainly due to the prolific number of POS system suppliers readily available, and the substantial amount of information needed to run Magento POS.

The best approach is to stop focusing on which POS system functions with Magento and shift your focus toward finding the POS system that complements your business requirements. Once you’ve chosen the ideal POS system, assess if it integrates nicely with Magento. Numerous POS system providers offer customizable features and other functions that work with Magento eCommerce platforms.

Integrating Magento with the ideal POS solution yields a powerful business tool that will enable business owners to manage sales, synchronize inventory, and streamline daily transactions.

When looking for a Magento POS system, it is important to always check its core capabilities.

First, a perfect Magento POS system must be able to process multiple types of transactions smoothly and safely.

Second, it must have a practical customer relationship management (CRM) system that can handle and analyze interactions with customers.

Third, it should allow users to upload and modify product information in the database without duplicate entries.

Fourth, it should be capable of optimizing both online and offline marketing strategies to augment sales. Fifth, it must have an e-commerce integration feature to keep track of customer experience information on the internet.

Penultimately, it must be capable of implementing customer loyalty programs to boost brand awareness.

And lastly, it needs to be able to synchronize inventory.

13 Leading Magento POS Systems


Pack4it is a leading customizable POS solution. Importantly, it’s based on technology that seamlessly integrates with Magento. Apart from that, it works flawlessly together with other major e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, as well as OpenCart or Bigcommerce, on petition. Pack4it also comes with a unified REST API to integrate shopping carts easily. Pack4it brings setting up an online store within reach for any business

Pack4it brings together online and offline shops, warehouses, and vendor lists in 1 place. It always presents up-to-date sales and inventory information. And there is no more need to change numbers by hand or switch between different applications.

This POS solution manages online and retail sales orders. Any kind of purchase is handled in the same, transparent way. It isn’t important whether it is a market, wholesale bargain, or purchase by phone. At any time, a manager has the choice to convert the sale to drop-ship, or forwards it to other vendors to obtain quotes.

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An important aspect of a successful company is to keep good relations with customers. Keeping track of how clients store is important information for improving Pack4it includes a feature that manages customer-related tasks, notes, and history.

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The integration of the various modules has major advantages for the consumer. It’s unique because it unites POS, CRM, and inventory modules into one tool. Information that is used by managers or personnel is always factual and up to date. Accurate planning and demand forecasting become achievable. So customers are not disappointed by supply chain inefficiencies.

Pack4it can expect excellent support from the developers. Both ends stay connected for technical support and expeditious implementations of needed customizations.

Businesses that are looking to expand, may return because of the large investments in infrastructure that are involved. Pack4it is the perfect tool because it allows businesses to scale up a company without large extra costs.

Magento POS system by ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS extension that permits online retailers to manage multiple store branches and control logistics and inventory with a couple steps.

ConnectPOS streamlines warehouse management by keeping track of all its operations. Moreover, it also provides comprehensive reports on company performance, sales, products, and customer service.

This POS solution provides innovative and intuitive features that are structured for omnichannel retailers. It accepts custom payments, refunds, and exchanges. In regards to the product organization, ConnectPOS supports all types of Magento products.

You can search for items by entering the product ID, SKU, or barcode. It uses Magento 2 Backend Framework real-time synchronization to handle accounting data effectively. Its barcode support enables customers to add items to the shopping cart and process orders quickly. Moreover, it enables customers to modify the screen from list view to grid view.

Magestore POS

The Magestore Magento 2 POS solution is a scalable and customizable omnichannel POS system that enables retailers to manage daily business operations with one retail applications.

It utilizes the newest Magento technology and integrates with other Magento modules to manage multi-channel stock, synchronize data, and implement loyalty programs as part of promotions.

The Magestore POS system enables customers to add products to their shopping cart. It uses a customer search bar to find items. It can hold and process multiple orders at once, and it enables the use of vouchers and other consumer discounts. It can also function on an offline POS, encouraging several online and offline payment methods.

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Magento 2 POS by MTC

This POS extension is compatible with Magento Community and Enterprise Editions 2.0 and 2.1.

Powered by the most recent Magento technology, Magento two POS by MTC offers a rapid and accurate checkout process. It guarantees a secured payment procedure, and it supports multiple online and offline modes of payment. It qualifies retail companies to experience seamless integration with distinct Magento modules.

This POS extension also enables a thumbnail view of the products which offers a more straightforward shopping experience. Customers can add things by either clicking the item thumbnail or scanning the item barcode. Moreover, it also enables retailers to put transactions on hold, add custom sales, and create offline orders. It also creates a warning for out-of-stock products to avoid being included in the shopping cart.

Magento 2 POS system by Acid POS

Acid POS system streamlines inventory and customer management. It optimizes retail store management in one centralized platform. It features granular inventory control that enables retailers to manage suppliers, purchase orders, and administer inventory.

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Acid POS supports an assortment of retailer type businesses such as apparel and accessories, bars and restaurants, footwear, sporting goods, gift shop, art stores, and more.

This POS system is compatible with OS platforms and applications. It gives real-time synchronization of product information, gift cards, credits, rewards, and client information. It provides a remarkable omnichannel experience. Acid POS also offers different POS hardware models which are all standardized and expandable for remote capacity. Acid POS streamlines the checkout process, allowing for refunds, returns, reversals, and trades.

Magento 2 POS Extension by Webkul

The Magento 2 POS extension by Webkul is an internet POS solution that provides a convenient way to manage multiple physical stores and retail outlets in various locations. This POS extension allows physical stores to create numerous sales representatives, and have their own POS panels for sales and customer management by design.

This POS extension allows split payments, coupons and voucher codes, multiple languages, and currencies. It supports hardware such as a barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer. It includes custom sales receipts and real time synchronization of sales and transactions. Additionally, it streamlines the fast checkout process and enables retailers to operate in offline mode.

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BoostMyShop POS

BoostMyShop is a Point of Sales extension for Magento that enables merchants to handle online and physical stores. It provides an interface to the back office which allows for smooth processing of sales.

BoostMyShop POS solution supports mobile user interface, multiple payments, personalized discount codes and pricing, and hardware such as barcode reader and thermal printers for receipts. It sports a customer management tool which enables clients to register for an account. It can also generate a sales report every end of the day.

Magento 2 POS Extension by IWD

The PayPal POS extension for Magento 2 by IWD, is capable of managing multiple retail shops, streamlining the checkout process. It enables the sales staff to sell in person, on mobile devices, and via websites. Additionally, it allows them to conduct order transactions in-store and over the phone. It accepts walk-in customers as guests. It filters and forms products by category, and allows retailers to look for items by SKU. What’s more, it features an accessible dashboard and supports multiple hardware systems which makes it essential for a retail operation.

This Magento POS extension operates on any iPhone and iPad with iOS 11+, and it generates detailed reports for POS and site.

Magento 2 POS System by Amasty

Amasty Point of Sale for Magento 2 empowers e-commerce business owners to join and synchronize all transactions with product and customer information from online and physical stores. Additionally, it supports flexible payment options and offers a fast checkout process. It allows customers to search for items online through websites and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, before making a purchase either online or offline. Additionally, it personalizes the sales campaigns and applies promos.

Additionally, it comes with a Multi-Warehouse Inventory extension to avoid stock-outs. This extension enables retailers to keep tabs on inventory to maintain a regular supply of commercial products that usually run out of stock. It also enables the sales team to confirm the real-time availability of items through product barcode or product attributes.

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Mageplaza POS

Mageplaza offers a POS system that uses thumbnail display and front-end similar images to speed up the checkout process. The Mageplaza POS extension supports multiple payment methods, including partial payments, and multiple shipping flat rates to improve the customer experience. It also allows for the pre-ordering of selected items.

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Mageplaza also allows retailers to request a demo of this system before incorporating it into the store.

This POS solution allows the sales team to find items through product characteristics. It can put transactions on hold, and it also accepts refunds offline.

Ebizmarts POS

Trusted by more than 22,000 Magento retailers worldwide, Ebizmarts POS is an enterprise-grade Magento POS solution that permits retail stores to sell Magento products. It provides seamless integration with Magento WMS and provides real time synchronization of information. Ebizmarts operates on any iPad using iOS 10+ for Magento 1, or iOS 11+ for Magento 2. It allows retailers to increase back-office purchase entries, and create offline and online orders on-site.

Ebizmarts features Kiosk Mode, which allows customers to create orders themselves in-store. It applies discounts, custom pricing, and tier pricing for products based on client groups like Wholesale, MSRP, Retail, and Discounted Retail. It enables retailers to maximize client focus. Ebizmarts also provides a flexible tax configuration system. It integrates with e-commerce stores for gift card extensions. In addition, this POS solution allows retailers to view item prices and create orders in multiple currencies, and it may also create as many role-based permissions to employees.

MicroBiz POS

MicroBiz is a POS software that offers automation features to improve retail business. It includes cloud-based technology which enables retailers to manage business operations at any time, from anywhere. It streamlines front register transactions, supports barcodes, offers integrated payments, and it automates customer orders.

MicroBiz aims to set a user interface that’s similar to Magento, to prevent re-entry of data. Additionally, it enables users to transfer existing settings, product and customer records, copies features, departments, and categories from MicroBiz Cloud POS into the Magento website, or vice versa.

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Magento 2 POS Extension by Magespacex

Magespacex Magento POS extension is an open-source POS solution that streamlines the checkout procedure. It exhibits products in thumbnail view by default, and it enables customers to add items to the shopping cart by clicking on the product thumbnail or scanning the barcode.

This POS extension supports offline and online payment methods. It streamlines inventory management. It offers a quick product and customer search. It also enables discounts on selected items or the entire purchase. It creates notes on customers’ receipts, and it is capable of creating orders offline.

Ending thoughts on choosing the right POS system

This article has provided a comprehensive list of Magento POS integration systems that offer an integrated solution for any business. Now, it is up to you to choose that Magento POS solution will make your company grow.

Always keep in mind that the most fundamental quality of a successful POS system is its ability to streamline business processes. Opt for the POS system that matches your business needs, then check whether it integrates perfectly with Magento and other e-commerce platforms.

Upon review, Pack4it is committed to simplifying business processes. It provides powerful integration with important e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and accounting tools. Additionally, it offers a free trial for two weeks, affordable subscription programs, and allows retailers to request a personalized live demo. A POS solution is a tool that works best if utilized effectively.

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