The Advantages of a Soft Opening

Opening a restaurant, pub, cafe or shop is both an exciting and stressful experience. After browsing the painstaking process of developing business concepts, exploring the current market, scouting the place, place fit out, sourcing equipment, and hiring the team, it is time to open.

However, when this time comes, and your grand opening nears, finer details and procedures might go unchecked. This is the reason why hosting a gentle opening or launch might just be the best way to get better prepared.

What’s a soft opening?

Contrary to your grand opening, that’s the day you open your doors to the excited people, a gentle opening happens prior at a smaller, more controlled manner. Consider it as a trial run for your restaurant.

The Way to Prepare for a soft opening

Soft openings are a means to smooth over any hiccups. They also offer you the opportunity as the company owner/manager to examine the runnings of the company and handle them in time for the grand opening.

Prepare your Staff

Making certain your front of house and back of house staff are trained and prepared is crucial. The most experienced staff members will make mistakes while they get used to new working environments, so it is ideal to get them comfortable with workflows and familiarised with your place in a one-way manner.

Review conducting operations

A soft opening is like a trial run and will enable you time to modify operations if they do not run easily in a live environment. Things like kitchen workflows, menu knowledge, table design etc. could be reviewed and fixed before the grand opening.

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Get constructive comments

During a soft opening, you are able to collect valuable feedback from those in attendance. Have your staff spend some time interacting with your guests during this time and ask for their honest feedback. The comments made by every guest can help you enhance the customer experience for the future.

Build hype around your place

Opening your doors into an instant full home is not necessarily attainable so building up hype before the grand opening is advantageous. Successfully hosting smaller tender launches/openings will help build a good word of mouth reputation that may enable the grand opening turned into a sell-out.

Things to do otherwise in a soft opening

Open to friendly faces

A excellent way to assess your running processes is opening your site to”family and friends” first. This sort of event allows your employees to become familiar with the office, and workflows without the strain of a grand opening. It drastically reduces the chance of possible mistakes spoiling a clients’ first impression of your place because your friends will be more pliable.

Furthermore, a family and friends night is also a terrific way to help build your customer base quickly. If they have a excellent experience with your food and service, they’re more inclined to recommend you to others.

Schedule More Staff

Maintaining guest wait times down to a minimum throughout the opening period is essential to ensuring a solid first impression. Even in case you’ve got an wonderful venue and an unbelievable menu, clients will be turned off if the wait time is too long. Allow additional cooks, servers, bar staff, so that things run fast and easily.

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Limit the Amount of tables

Throughout the soft opening period to your venue, another beneficial practice is to restrict the amount of tables available. This will assist your staff familiarise with the menu, the place and the demographic attracted to your venue.

Yes, initially labor costs will be greater, as you’ll be working on limited availability but it is going to help to have well prepared and relaxed staff, making for a better experience for your clients.

Take notice of any errors

Even though it’s simply a gentle opening period, mistakes continue to be unwanted and can damage your companies sparkling new standing. But if errors are made, or issues arise be certain that your staff take detailed notes on what happened so these issues can be rectified prior to your grand opening.

Another area to notice any problems, is the conducting of the Point of Sale system. Maybe an item prints into the bar printer rather than the kitchen printer, or any prices are incorrect in the system compared to this menu. These issues will need to be rectified so ensure that your staff notice any discrepancies.

Even though it’s suggested to complete a complete system run through until your doors slightly open, sometimes these things can slip under the radar. So locating these issues in this soft opening period allows you time to get them rectified prior to the all-important grand opening.

These are simply a couple of the advantages of soft opening. Taking all these factors into account will make certain your place, your employees and your technology is ready for your highly anticipated grand opening.

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