The 10 Best POS system for SME Singapore (2020-2021)

POS systems let you take care of the transaction in a very efficient way by minimized human errors and increase the speed in your transaction accounts. If you’ve been worried by handling countless customers we can help you find the ideal POS systems that make your day easier by managing all payments and other operations using an automated system.

A amazing pos system can help you taking orders as well as tracking inventory are complex tasks that could be particularly vulnerable to calculation or documentation errors. An wonderful automated management system can lower the odds of those mistakes happening, besides lowering your job.

Have a look at the listing of best POS systems in Singapore for retail and F&b to discover how they function and which features cater to your business needs.

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Mar 11, 2021Lightspeed POS Inc.. , a provider of cloud-based, omnichannel trade platforms, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Vend Limited (Vend), a cloud-based retail management software company for 350 million. For additional information see this link

Top 10 Best POS system in Singapore

1. Vend POS System

BEST FOR POS system for internet and shop

PRICING Starts at SGD49 per month


PHONE +65 66816538

Vend provides the best tools that retailers must have to take care of the store better. There are 25,000 businesses from several sizes using Vend available in stores and online, tracking the available stock, and managing available inventory at their warehouse.

Running on iPad, or PC, Vend provides the flexibility of this choice of pos hardware that retailers prefer and easily set up to run company. Most leading companies use Vend for an excellent reason, its intuitive design makes customers transactions and employee training effortless. Furthermore, it gives business owners real time advice and insightful analytics to make good decisions.

Vend enables your company to do more with lesser cost, helping you switch from traditional bricks and mortar to omnichannel merchant and market on every channel. This innovative technology has plenty of features that is going to help you succeed. Contact them to get a demo


  • Free demo available
  • Real-time insights
  • Omni-channel prepared
  • Workflow management
  • Promotion direction
  • Customer direction
  • Loyalty and registration
  • Multi-outlets
  • Inventory management
  • Shopping mall integration
  • Open API

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Best Attributes in Vend

1. ) Strong Inventory management function

Vend start by focusing on retail operation and has assembled a fantastic inventory management capacity that is required to manage a retail business. It delivers an integrated inventory management module that simplifies the management of several stores, as well as multi-channels necessary for headless transaction plan.

2. ) Integration with the accounting system

Additionally, it offers a fantastic transaction information structure which makes Vend easily integrated with cloud-based accounting applications like XERO and automates the revenue and cost to a granular level. The real-time accounting integration provides critical information for a business and sets Vend apart from the simple integration that most POS software isn’t able to achieve. Here’s the list of mapping between Vend and XERO,

  • Register Closure Preferences – How do you wish to summarise your earnings from Xero when you closed your register.
  • Sales Tax – Join your earnings from Vend to your corresponding taxes in Xero.
  • Accounts for Products – The product account you choose will apply to sales of goods unless you specify another account on a product installation page.
  • On Account Sales – Manage how invoices for On Account earnings are created.
  • Expenses – How Do You Need to record purchase orders and the Cost of Goods Sold in Xero.
  • Payment Types – The total sales for each payment type will be posted when the register is closed.
  • Liabilities – Your liability totals will be sent to Xero when they are sold, redeemed, and expired.
  • Accounts for Cash Management – Cash moves total that will be sent to Xero when they are used.
  • Tracking Courses – Track earnings from each socket and your online store by mapping them to Xero Tracking Options.

With such a level of integration, Vend not only offer incredible benefits at the revenue functionality but automate the boring accounting process which saves money and time.

3. Effective customer participation

Building up your customer base is one of the key approaches in the headless trade age. Although your customer opted to buy from Lazada or Shopee on account of the pricing, they will still buy from you because of your brand and services. Vend CRM purpose is you wish to develop a client base quickly and provide them a fantastic shopping experience with you.

Vend CRM integrates with Loyalty, store credit, return transaction management, analytics, and privacy management that make your customer management more effective and precise.

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4. ) Strong automation plug

Vend open API enables it to automate regular tasks that could easily replace workflow automation technologies. SellerMate + Vend give retailers the most desirable retail management that greatly reduces the dependence on human labor, ensure every mission-critical tasks are completed timeliness and properly, expanding to any revenue channels, automate customer involvement, and streamline the inventory management across multiple sockets.

Customer Reviews

Vend is amazing and very easy to operate. The software design to simplify many complex tasks that will need to run a retail company particularly the multi-outlets one. Vend always come out with terrific features that inspire others applications vendor to follow and define the standard for modern cloud-based POS.

Being the leader of cloud-based POS, Vend proceeds to release incredible features that help retailers save costs and develop company. International brands that use Vend to take care of outlets across nations have quoted this.

“Vend provide the easiest to use and reliable inventory management functions that we can expect even with integration with eCommerce. Since it is accurate and traceable, we expect the numbers and that save us valuable time and prevent the numbers among our teams.”

2. ) Shopify iPad Point of Sale

BEST FOR Cloud-based POS system

PRICING Starts at USD29 per month


PHONE Contact Shopify

Shopify has staggering 1,000,000 active stores globally in 2020. Start from an eCommerce platform, Shopify can connect to lots of POS systems to synchronize sales, customer, and inventory from and through. Shopify launches Shopify POS in 2013 to make it easy to sell in stores and connect directly with Shopify eCommerce.

Shopify POS provides a platform for both offline and online sales and managing order fulfillment easily for smaller retailers. It features a mobile app to allow you to access to most important information when you are on the go.

It is most suitable for retailers who would like to advertise on multi-channels and start with a tool they could jumpstart easily.

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Customer Reviews

Many shop owners have found Shopify to be one of the best POS systems in Singapore they have ever used. They said this is a result of its capability to prepare eCommerce and POS systems easily.

Here’s feedback from one of its users:

“We use Shopify to deal with our shops and permit customer to purchase online and pick from our sockets. It so amazing that we are able to manage such complex retail operation with just 1 system.”

3. Eats365 F&B POS System

BEST FOR Little to Big F&B Enterprise

PRICING Free version available


PHONE +65 66816538

Eats365 provides comprehensive tools for your restaurant company using electronic ordering capability. It is considered among the most finished pos systems for the restaurant market. The cloud pos is hosted at the cloud and prepared to run offline to keep the operation going even when the internet is down.

There are tons of POS system in the industry and eats365 stand out as a winner as a result of scalability from startup to a venture which operates multiple restaurant brands across countries. And the standard of the program is unparalleled when comparing the same kind of software.

With the pos system, also dine-in self-ordering and net digital ordering. Eats365 is one of those PSG pre-approved solutions that SME clients can purchase and maintain back 80 percent of the cost. Additionally it’s qualified for Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) for an additional $2500.

You may contact them for further information.


  • POS system with over 500+ configurations
  • Quick support or complete services restaurant design
  • Business CRM and Membership
  • Business and franchise company prepared
  • Dine-in ordering
  • Online ordering
  • Free program
  • Shopping mall integration
  • Open API

Customer Reviews

Eats365 understand and listen to their customers. They act quickly to improve the platform so that their client can continue to keep competitive and relevant to the food and beverage business. Some client shares their positive experiences with us who might be great for you if you considering eats365.

“Eats365 design is with functionality in mind. I know that it’s the applications I have been watching out for when I attend the solution demo with their neighborhood rep. I just naturally know how to operate it at the very first time seeing the pos system. It is the only software that has good layout and functional performance and functions well for Singapore f&b.”

4. Shopkeep

BEST FOR Small Business

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PRICING Get a quote


PHONE +1 (844-RRB- 986 2191

ShopKeep is another iPad POS system that’s built with a simple yet powerful interface where you can easily manage real-time revenue inventory, inventory management, direction, and far more!

It is one of the best POS systems in Singapore for people who have a little business. It sports capable point of sale and payment solutions that’ll help grow your business and take it to greater heights.

The best thing about this platform is that you can have a customized package to raise the time-efficiency of your organization.


  • Bookkeeping
  • Employee time tracking
  • Customer data management
  • built-in payment solutions

Customer Reviews

Many users loved the overall features of ShopKeep and commended its easy-to-use system. A business owner posted this remarks:

“I’ve used ShopKeep for a bit more than 3 decades. I really like how simple it is to use the system and train new employees. My workload is so much lighter.”

5. ) Lightspeed Retail POS Software

BEST FOR Retail or Restaurant firm

PRICING Free trial


PHONE 866 932 1901

Lightspeed provides retail and restaurant pos solutions hosted in the cloud. It is powerful and easy to use especially the iPad version which inherits the Apple iPad DNA. Lightspeed Restaurant POS support multiple devices such as a printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner, for larger restaurant, lightspeed POS enables creating several sections to aid restaurant better manage the operation and keep the staffs educated on the table position.

For retail solutions, Lightspeed provides a desktop version where users can use the MacBook to be the point of sale applications. It is packed with features and ships with an inventory management function to aid retailers with stock management.

More than 70000 users using Lightspeed for their restaurant and retail stores.


  • Point of sale
  • Table direction
  • Customer management
  • Inventory control

Customer Reviews

The restaurant trusted Lightspeed for helping them to streamline the operation process. We hear that from a restaurant owner who uses Lightspeed to take care of their restaurant for the last 3 decades.

“We have been using Lightspeed for little more than 3 decades. I really like how simple it is to use the system and organise within our busiest hours. My customers like our foods and happy with our solutions”

6. Revel Systems

BEST FOR F&b POS system

PRICING from $140, No free trial


PHONE +1 (415-RRB- 744 1433

Revel Systems provide fast service and food-oriented businesses. Their iPad POS system is designed to provide fast transactions, data security, and operational management.

Many leading businesses use Revel Systems for a excellent reason– its intuitive design makes customer transactions and employee training a breeze. Additionally, it may aid your business decisions by collecting real time information and comprehensive analytics.

Revel Systems’ POS system is merely one of those platforms which will help your organization grow and will adapt to it also. This innovative technology has a lot more features you can use and tailor to your own small business.


7. TouchBistro

BEST FOR F&b POS system

PRICING from $140, No free trial


PHONE +1 (855-RRB- 363 5252

TouchBistro is one of the best iPad POS systems for the restaurant market. It is now powered by over 23,000 restaurants worldwide and has been named one of the best POS systems for restaurants four decades straight.

The POS program built with conventional restaurant until function like broken accounts, split payment, loyalty program, tips management, and even employee management.

Being one of the very best pos systems, TouchBistro obtained the vast majority of the positive feedback from real users around the globe. The solution providers failed to concentrate on the Asia area that is a drawback for companies who intend to use TouchBistro here.


  • POS
  • Real-time insights
  • Customizable technology

8. SquareUp

BEST FOR Free POS system

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PRICING Free of Usage



SquareUp has one of the biggest users dependent on the world as the free pos system. There are 24 million active customers using the pos software to power their business every day.

The free pos system provides generous features and more than adequate for a small business to take care of their business daily. It’s among the most intuitive user interfaces that anyone can learn and know how to use it.

Square is suitable for the tiny eatery, food kiosk, or moms and pops store usage. Plus it runs on iPad or Android tablets with conventional hardware that you may easily find at local POS hardware shops .


  • iPad POS System
  • Integrated POS hardware
  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
  • Add-on Program
  • Shopping mall integration

“We started our company without plenty of funds and Square POS appears to be the best solution for us at the beginning. We are 5 years old today and the POS system works really well for us if we are working many outlets.”

9. Loyverse

BEST FOR F&b POS system

PRICING Free grade, $5 to $25 monthly add-on


PHONE +357 25 030021

Loyverse is another free iPad pos systems with large users located internationally. The program is excellent for retail and bull & b shop operation because of the comprehensive inventory management it provides.

The program includes free tiers packed with essential performance such as CRM, basic inventory, devotion, payment, advertising, and real time reporting that suitable for a good deal of the business.

Users can upgrade to innovative inventory management and employee management function. Furthermore, it features open API and integration capability with accounting software like XERO, or Quickbook online.


  • Cloud POS System
  • Discount management
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Shopping mall integration
  • Open API

“As a small business, we do not require loads of sophistication and simple POS system is only going to help a lot. Loyverse is cloud based, come with free version and easy to buy hardware from online. It is no brainer alternative compare to some pricey pos systems in the market.”

10. Hikeup

BEST FOR Retail POS system

PRICING from $59



HikeUp is a cloud-based iPad POS system developed for a retail business which sells shop and eCommerce. It is one of the very features rich retail pos system on the market that provides tools such as multi-outlets stock management, CRM, loyalty, advertising, and real time analytics protection for retailers.

It’s possible to operate Hike with your existing POS hardware or with the iPad. HikeUp is using common hardware that the vast majority of the iPad POS systems using which it is easy to purchase from a POS hardware dealer.

For advanced users that looking to integrate Hike POS with legacy systems, they can explore Hike API to find the aim.


  • Cloud POS System
  • Inventory management
  • Customer direction
  • Promotion direction
  • Loyalty
  • Integration with eCommerce

The business world is ever-changing. The perfect POS solution recorded now depends upon the features, pricing, and assistance from the circumstance of the Singapore SME environment. We continue to evaluate different POS systems to provide an up-to-date comparisons that we hope will make it possible for you to find the most suitable POS software that’s acceptable for you in long term.

Cloud POS

Cloud POS software for your retail store. is a powerful cloud-based POS to sell your products in-store & on-the-go using any device, for any outlet.