Technology’s Growing Role in the Coffee Industry

The Technological Advantage

Estimated global coffee intake exceeds 150 million 60 kg bags of beans annually. Worldwide consumption grows at an average of 2.5percent annually. Despite a relatively low cost per transaction–clients pay an average of $2.99 a cup of joe–java is big business. As competition grows with client expectations for this beloved beverage, coffee industry technology plays a larger role in how providers innovate to keep up with demand.

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“Technology and coffee are definitely marrying,” says Paton Marshall, former area manager for Equator Coffee and staff lead for SMB business at Revel Systems. “It’s happening not only in the roasting area, but also from the store. Clients need efficiency without sacrificing the relationship they’ve developed with their baristas.” Today’s iPad POS System is an essential tech component for any coffee shop. Uniquely positioned to bolster coffee operations, POS platforms offer numerous tools for operators. This report explores POS features playing a critical role in the surge of java sector technology.

Mobile Printers and Recipe Labels

Speed of service is vital for coffee shops and cafés. Speed has a significant effect on store profits. It increases customer satisfaction with successful support. Furthermore, it prevents line peel–customers balking at long lines and leaving shorter wait times. A simple way tech speeds up service is with mobile printers that integrate with the POS. Willing to apply order information directly from transactions to recipe labels, integrated printers eliminate steps in the purchase process and improve order accuracy.

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Mobile Order Takers

Another amazing solution for line-busting is that the addition of mobile order takers. “In Equator, our structure footprint wasn’t huge. Lines could spill on the road fairly quickly. Mobile order takers allowed our employees to take orders directly at customer tables, which helped keep lines manageable in the counter,” says Marshall. Still operated by employees, mobile order takers improve dictate efficacy whilst maintaining the personal participation many café patrons seek.

Self-Service Kiosks

For establishments that are strictly speedy service as opposed to some table service combination, self-service kiosks also help with line management and operational efficiency. With kiosks, customers can place their own orders. Information then goes directly to baristas for creation. Implementation of kiosks frees your employees to focus on different areas, like customer service, beverage manufacturing, and merchandising.

Data Insights

Business operators have access to more info insights than ever. In real time, reports can showcase inventory levels, top-sellers, and even highlight instances of employee theft. “In a coffee shop environment, there aren’t many moments when you’re reopening a check and changing the payment on it,” says Marshall. “With Revel, I could readily identify irregularities and track these cases back to certain employees when they happened.” Detailed analytics give invaluable advice on how coffee shops can minimize risk and maximize profits.

Better Experience with Coffee Industry Tech

Innovation is a must in the current coffee market. Consumers have more options than ever for how and where they have a cup of joe. Fortunately, technology can work hand-in-hand with coffee providers. It bridges the gap between new customer expectations and the habits that produce the beverage feel personal. “There’s nothing quite like working around people which are romantically involved with the solution and the whole world,” Marshall says. “Coffee is a very small world–it’s exactly like a family.” As shops maintain their friendly service and personal touch, they’re also able to deploy technologies to streamline more mundane operations. When done properly, technology is a service facilitator. It stays unchanged in the background, making room for employees, together with the item, to glow.


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