Tablet Restaurant POS Systems

The iPad and Android tablets typically rely upon an”always on” Internet connection or an onsite PC using a wireless connection to operate. This limitation doesn’t apply to many PC based systems or Windows based pills. Butthis limit does apply to many cloud based and Software as a Service (SaaS)  Cloud POS systems.

This meant that if the back office PC failed so did all of the POS terminals. This also seemed like a enormous limit but most restaurants never undergone a back office collapse lasting more than a couple of minutes and the same is now true with Internet access.

Virtually every restaurant is utilizing their POS system for credit card processing that also requires Internet access to connect the restaurant for their credit card processor. These systems do not need an”always on” Internet connection, but when a guest presents their credit card for payment, timing is of the essence. Luckily most restaurant Point of Sale systems may use a mobile phone backup connection from the network router to process credit cards once the restaurant loses their DSL Internet connection.

So how can the tablet restaurant POS solutions stack up against the conventional Windows PC based restaurant POS solutions? There’s absolutely not any question they’re smaller and a whole lot more mobile than a PC based POS terminal. But remember most PC based POS systems may use optional iPads and other tablets if there’s a demand for tableside order entry.

Here’s a case study ( of a restaurant which added tablets to their current POS system. The PC based restaurant POS systems have developed and matured through the years to include years of attributes and options designed specifically for the hospitality marketplace. The new tablet restaurant POS systems aren’t wasting any time and are spending heavily on growth to catch up. These new systems, dubbed”POS Lite” by Maitre’D, have to offer could be your restaurant needs.

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So have a look at the tablet market when you are exploring point of sale systems to find out what the best fit is for your individual restaurant. When you do, make certain in your research you are comparing apples to apples and preserve all of the advantages and features you need in a PC or tablet based system.

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We’ve got an entire collection of all POS features and options you may use to assess the capacities of those”POS Lite” solutions so that you do not find out too late that what you actually need in a POS system isn’t yet available. In that details the significance of the POS system to your own restaurant and the way it acts as a central hub affecting nearly every area of your operation or email me here



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