Supplier Management

Supplier Management
Suppliers are an integral part of your company. They are connected to multiple kinds of your company including purchases, inventory write-offs, registrations and price lists. Maintaining your shelves fully stocked requires the ideal relationships with persons and organizations. All this data must be monitored accurately and easily.

Why don’t you organize every supplier you’ve got in a central database?

Your shop shelves are organized — now it is time to sort your providers in a way where you are able to see all their details at a glance. ConnectPOS streamlines your vendors with a database of all of your contacts and suppliers.

  • Build and Track Relationships for Better Performance. Know who sells what at a glance, and have the ability to retrieve contact information for efficient purchase order creation.
  • Create a Centralized Cloud Database. ConnectPOS saves each provider for a listing with required and significant details attached: reductions, speeches, contracts and much more. Within minutes, you get a searchable catalog. Since ConnectPOS backs up into the cloud, it is possible to find provider information anytime, anyplace.
  • Track the Best Pricing Choices. Prioritize the providers with the best prices. ConnectPOS provider records permit tracking for discounts so that you see who’s ideal for the bottom line. As prices change on account of the industry and demand track it all for greater sales results.
  • Who Can Deliver Faster? Manage and monitor the efficient providers who keep your shelves stocked and your profits flowing. Know the best partners for your company at a glance.
  • Fully Integrated with ConnectPOS’s Purchasing Tools. ConnectPOS links provider records to all buying tools. Move effortlessly from provider information to buy order without changing modules. All you need is right there.
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All Details from A to Z

Whether you’ve got 1 providers or 100, you will need to keep up with their advice. ConnectPOS features built-in provider management during the back office. By entering all your data to the system, you create an easily searchable catalogue for each supplier.

Know your providers: The Who, What, Where and When of your products at any time.

When you confront the”running low” amount for your merchandise, you wish to contact your supplier immediately to acquire low stock back up — save yourself the trouble of opening spreadsheets, looking through old statements, or even newspaper documents. Locate the contact and provider you need in minutes, and receive your buy order in.

ConnectPOS’s easy-to-use interface enables you to save and enter the information to get a searchable record. Not only are you able to designate simple information like contact info, but you may also select Supplier Groups, classifying your providers by merchandise type. No more will you have your clothes providers all clumped together with your newspaper product or accessory providers — the system works with you to make the organization you require.

Searching through your providers is easy — make filters to narrow down facets and discover the provider you want in minutes.

Filters include:

  • Name: Search from the Name of a business
  • Group: Type by a provider group like’clothing‘ providers, or’dog food’ or’cat food’ providers. You designate your personal classes (in settings → stock settings/ Supplier Groups) to make it work how you want it.
  • Administrator: The User in the ConnectPOS system accountable for contact with the provider. This drop-down is populated with the users in your’Business and Staff’ page (under Settings → Company and Staff)
  • Sort: The supplied Business Entity types can be changed in Settings → Client Registry Settings/ Company Type

Each provider has its own record or Provider Card at which compulsory and optional information is stored on the vendor. Track titles, tax rates, payment deadlines and much more all in 1 spot. Tabs on the card allow you to sort through details such as relationships, contracts, and tasks.

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