Summing Up The Restaurant Point of Sale Guide

Here at PAR Tech, we consider ourselves specialists in the restaurant business, and one thing is for sure: after 40 years, we KNOW restaurant technologies.

This fast, solution-driven manual comprises everything you want to know to select the best POS system for your restaurant.

It takes a really courageous sort to make it in the restaurant industry. A restaurant operator has to be several things all at once: a business analyst, a manager of people and stock, a financier–the list continues on and on.





This business is daunting for good reason: according to some Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Study, 60 percent of restaurants fail within their first year. One of’s list of 10 Reasons Restaurants Fail are customer support, bad accounting practices, and miscalculation of food costs. In actuality, these reasons are repeatedly mentioned by the likes of Business Insider, Investopedia,, and countless others.

The fantastic news is that many of these challenges can be overcome by the choice and effective implementation of a high quality restaurant point of sale system.

Chapter 1: What’s a Restaurant Point of Sale System?

Synopsis: What’s a Restaurant POS system? Well, at its simplest definition, a point of sale system is a set of equipment which records and processes transactions between a business and their customers, at the time where goods and/or services are bought.

This chapter will outline the language related to your point of sale system as a whole, and outline some elements to look at when selecting the most appropriate POS system for your restaurant; touching on hardware, software, customer loyalty programs and online ordering.

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Chapter 2: Why Do I need a POS System?

Synopsis: In an era where fewer and fewer people are taking money, not accepting card payment is an almost inexcusably bad customer experience, and one which can be avoided completely simply by using a modern point of sale system. And of course the fact that clients typically spend more money when paying by card.

In this chapter, we’ll explore the value of payment processing, effective stock management, and safety – for both the client and restaurant owner or operator. We’ll also cover the advantages of having an Omni-Channel restaurant plan, and best practices for adapting to the substantial trend that has hit the industry hard.

Chapter 3: Restaurant POS for Franchises

Synopsis: A quality point of sale system will help an independent restaurant in virtually every respect, but separate restaurants are not the only food service companies that benefit from selecting the appropriate system.

A restaurant franchise can be a very rewarding enterprise, but it can not be run just like any other restaurant, a fact that extends all of the way down to choosing which point of sale system to use. This chapter will cover some of the typical challenges that are unique to owning a franchise, and the way choosing the perfect point of sale to handle your restaurant can be a substantial aspect to your success.

Chapter 4: How to Implement a Restaurant POS System

Synopsis: Among the most vital areas of a POS system is the way it’s implemented. A strong implementation is important to success with these systems. The best-chosen system could be rendered ineffective if the installation, setup, and training are not given their proper attention.

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In this chapter, find out more about hos your POS vendor should be working with your internal teams to ensure proper installation and implementation. Here we’ll touch on proper setup, safety, and worker training, as only a couple things to concentrate on when implementing a restaurant POS system.

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Chapter 5: What Sort of Restaurant Do You Handle

Synopsis: No 2 restaurants are just alike, but they can often be grouped into a couple of common categories. The category your restaurant falls into will make a major difference in the sort of restaurant POS system you select. Some of the most popular kinds of restaurants are Quick Service and Fast Casual.

Each kind of restaurant concept has its own distinctive pain points and goals related to its success. This chapter will cover certain things to consider based on if you run a Quick Service or a Fast-Casual establishment.

Chapter 6: Customer Service & Support

Synopsis: It may be tempting to believe that your journey is over as soon as you’ve selected and purchased your restaurant POS system. In fact, the journey has only started. The practice of implementing and integrating the system into your business is just as important as the choice.

This is where it can help to pick a product that’s backed up by exceptional customer care. If you have selected a”one-stop-shop” POS supplier , you can be certain that they’ll be fully equipped to support any repair or maintenance needs that crop up over the duration of your system.

A truly distinguished customer service system will be comprised of a number of diverse aspects: onboarding, client success, technical assistance, and service repair choices.


Choosing the ideal point of sale system is vital, but it does not have to be hard.

If you bear in mind the particular benefits a POS system can manage, your restaurant’s unique needs, industry trends, and the value of robust customer care and services, making the ideal choice is easy.





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