Retail Customer Experience: Appealing to Millennials and Baby Boomers

Consumer expectations are rising, and you wish to supply the very best all-around retail customer experience. But it’s vital that you also do everything possible to appeal to two different target audiences — millennials (born between early- to mid-1980s and early 2000s) and baby boomers (born between 1945 and 1964).

When dealing with these two large segments of the populace — and your customer base — your approach needs to differ in three key areas:


Unless you offer several avenues of communication, it’ll be impossible to get your message across to both millennials and baby boomers. Generally speaking, millennials favor electronic way of communication, while baby boomers embrace the personal touch.

If millennials wish to connect with retailers, they will use social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, or leverage the live chat function on your site. Millennials also respond best to offers of personalized coupons and deals when these choices are delivered to their smartphone via email or text messaging.

But for baby boomers, the chance for live connections with shop employees is important to a top-notch retail customer experience. When they have a question about a product while shopping, they do not need to visit a self-serve kiosk for the response — they would like to talk to a knowledgeable staff member. If they are communicating with a shop from outside its four walls, they might be more comfortable doing this by phone as opposed to social media or email.

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Brand Reputation.

To present high-caliber retail customer adventures, you will need to construct a new reputation both generations can trust. With millennials, such a reputation is built in part by cultivating and appropriately responding to online reviews. Moreover, millennials have no problem purchasing the items they need through internet channels if they see a better price compared to what’s offered in-store. This makes it important that you make sure that any coupons and bargains available in-store match those which can be found on the internet.

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Conversely, baby boomers base their opinions on face-to-face retail customer experiences. They are very brand loyal and are often prepared to pay higher prices if merchants offer excellent customer service. When finding the things they need, paying for them with fast and simple transactions, and, if needed, painlessly returning merchandise are handled by friendly, courteous employees, your brand reputation among members of the generation is going to be sterling.

Ethical Business Practices.

Many millennials like their social and commercial interests to merge — and some need it. They’re encouraged to patronize retailers whose convictions are like their own. To let your millennial clients understand what your business’ values are and the causes you support, be sure they are clearly represented on your brand identity and messaging. By way of instance, if you support fair trade and market fair trade products, state so on your shop signage and marketing vehicles, in addition to on your social networking platform.

On the flip side, melding personal ideology with buying habits is not necessarily a priority among baby boomers. They might be amazed to know that you support particular causes, but it will not change what they consider the retail client experience they have in your shop.

Admittedly, keeping your entire customers happy all the time is an impossible feat. But adhering to the above guidelines will reinforce your potential to efficiently cater to the diverse priorities of two very important customer demographics — and treat them to a retail client experience that arouses success.

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