Reasons Why Accounting System is a Vital Characteristic of POS Software


The accounting system is the backbone of any POS system in a little to midsize enterprise. Picking a point of sale system for your company requires some research. There are lots of available on the current market, but picking one with powerful online accounting tools is quite important. Be application specific, and the choice should be made according to future needs.

In this guide, we’ll discuss why POS accounting is a vital characteristic in point of sale and the way ConnectPOS is providing services to the clients for the financial aspects of their businesses.

Balance Sheet:

A balance sheet reflects your business’s financial position, calculated normally at a quarter or year-end. It gives you a rundown of your company assets, debts, and financial conditions.

Cloud-based accounting software helps business owners by providing them with a comprehensive analysis of the balance sheet. It’s very tough to check the true business position manually.

Accounting module in ConnectPOS offers complete information about the financial aspects of a company with easy-to-understand representation. The retailers will have easy access and can track sales positions through any mobile device without being present in the store. If the business has multiple locations, then another balance sheet could be generated from the system using their individual profit and loss trial balance statements.

Gain And Loss Statement:

The profit-and-loss announcement in a financial system reflects the earnings cost and expenses in a fiscal year. The profit and loss reporting feature provided by ConnectPOS offers comprehensive information to the owners regarding their true business position concerning net profit and loss.

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The owners can create profit-and-loss statement reports fast for any particular day. In the event of multi-location operations, the choice of branch-wise reporting is also available via the ConnectPOS system. This report highlights essential information, such as inventory opening and closing, net purchases and sales, other operating income and expenditures, and taxation impact.

Account Trial Balance:

Trial Balance represents the closed accounts of ledger accounts for a particular period of dates. The trial balance ensures that the ledger’s accounts appropriate credit entry is recorded for every debit entry. If there are any problems in the amount of the trial balance, the merchants can quickly correct the problems highlighted in the report.

The accounting system developed by ConnectPOS functions as specialized bookkeeping program. It supports the merchants by providing the customization of this report based on dates, account type, balance type, amount type, and selections of accounts to create a trial balance.

ConnectPOS system provides an extra attribute for retailers to export their trial balance data in various formats such as PDF, CSV, and Excel according to their requirements.

Accounts Voucher: Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable.

In any company, the account payable and accounts receivable are one of the most essential elements of the accounting system. Handling this task using the POS system has enhanced the overall efficiency and reduced human error.

The ConnectPOS system offers three types of account voucher option for the retailers, which are:

  • Vouchers
  • Money Payment / Received Voucher
  • Bank Payment / Received Voucher

While developing a voucher at the ConnectPOS system, the consumer will have different options to choose appropriate voucher types based on the business requirements like CR, CP, BR, BP, JV, SV, SR, BV, BR, GRN, GRNN. The system also can allow the user create their own voucher type if it is needed. Our well-designed dashboard displays all of the information regarding the voucher created up to now, and users can delete any coupons due to an error.

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Account Ledger:

Account ledger stores the details of transactions that are debited and credited in the accounts upon the cycle prescribed by the organization’s financial controllers.

Accounting system by ConnectPOS offers extensive support to retailers. They can easily see the ledger accounts instantly from any date. You may easily see your ledger account balances for any particular dates. The accounting ledger will reveal essential information like voucher date cheque no, narration, invoice ref, debit, credit, and balance.


The most crucial benefit of using an accounting POS software is its time-tested possible, ease of business, and decreased chances of human error.

The accounting module at the ConnectPOS system is made by keeping in mind the challenges that business owners must face with no automated system. You’ll have easy access to reports such as balance sheet, account ledger, account identification balance, profit/loss file, and a lot more, which are vital for successful business decisions.

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