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To claim that the growth of the point of sale has been”significant” within the years could be a huge understatement. The days of a cash register, a pad, pencil and paper are infinitely previously. In our culture today, a POS system can be the catalyst to a company’s success, or the cause of its utter failure.

Hardware and software are no longer only components of processing transactions. A company’s point of sale platform may single handedly change a guest’s experience; transcending a moderate act of ordering a meal into an overall pleasurable encounter that causes customers to return frequently and become believers and fans of their brand. There is nothing more valuable to a company now than a metaphorical walking billboard in the kind of a happy and satisfied client. Choosing the right point of sale solution for your business has never been more important.


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This eBook will explore:

Chapter 1: Access your Head (and Your Company ) from the Cloud

Chapter 2: The Freedom Age

Chapter 3: The Truth Behind the Hardware

Chapter 4: The Benefits of Having a “One-Stop Shop”

Chapter 5: How to Maximize the Return on Your Investment

Chapter 6: Our Suggestions

Chapter 1: Access your Head (along with your Company ) from the Cloud

The Cloud. This menacing term is tossed around in casual conversation, and is now a staple in our current vernacular. The present generation doesn’t understand a world without it. So, what’s all the fuss about? The cloud isn’t merely a technology platform, but is a dynamic and major influencer in the general development in the culture and lifestyles of consumers. Restaurant owners can adapt to the innovative era through their POS platforms. With Millennials occupying 25% of the populace, and representing over $200 billion in annual purchasing power, their influence on the marketplace is undeniable.

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Among the top advantages of implementing cloud-based POS applications in your business is the immense scalability and adaptability of the software itself-meaning it readily supports the growing needs of customers and the current market, allowing your organization to keep up with competitors, and render clients satisfied with a desire to return. In PAR, our cloud-based Brink POS software offers benefits to your company, including:

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The simplest way for restaurants to surpass their competition is to create a loyal fan base. Developing a personalized loyalty program to drive new customers into your restaurant and keep your existing clientele is a basic key to your brand’s success. As the business owner, you have the chance to personalize your loyalty program to meet your restaurant’s menu and earnings objectives. Store significant customer data and information, for example:

  • Historical buying habits
  • Favourite dishes
  • Previous Purchase history
  • Contact info
  • Birthdays

Restaurants and retailers now have the capability to send special offers, promotions, or coupons to guests through mails or text messages. Loyalty programs make it possible for companies to track customer purchases, and reward them with a points system for every single product or dollar spent.

  • Online Ordering

Technology today provides convenience to customers more than ever before. Online ordering is now an expectation that customers use, as 45 percent of American consumers expect some kind of technology as the first point of contact in their own dining experience. Cloud POS software provides restaurants the ability to execute online ordering on their sites for their clients to benefit from. Patrons can order anytime, and choose their pickup time. Online ordering via a web site or mobile app are invaluable qualities to take advantage so as to keep your restaurant desirable in the view of Millennials and members of Generation Z; among the most influential groups of customers today. According to Technomic Inc, 54 percent of Generation Z consumers see QSR institutions over once a month, and is the”generation that’s probably to use technology to their benefit when picking a foodservice location.”

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In a world revolving around Mobility, a presence on social websites has never been more important for restaurant branding. Social networking marketing has a 100% greater lead-to-close speed than affiliate marketing, and 84 percent of B2B marketers use social media in some form. Using features of cloud POS applications such as Online Ordering and Loyalty Programs, clients can rate their expertise, tweet remarks, share their purchase, post a photo of the dish, or”like” a restaurant’s page on Facebook or”follow” on Instagram. Each consumer who participates in social posting becomes an ambassador to your restaurant and has a positive impact on your brand.

20 percent of restauranteurs are wanting to upgrade to a POS system that offers inventory management to boost operations efficiencies. By utilizing the cloud, restaurant and store owners are able to schedule stock reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, allowing stock levels to be obtained at any time, from anywhere with real time data upgrades.

  • Automatic Updates

Cloud POS software automatically updates- security updates, bug fixes, and enhanced rate happen automatically with no prompting or attempt by from the company owners or managerial staff. This ensures that your software works optimally, and is prepared to perform at the maximum level. Spend some time waiting on your visitors, not supporting a terminal.

PAR’s Brink POS software applications give restaurant owners the ability to create reports for a single store or multiple restaurant locations. Managers and owners may exercise complete control in defining how information is merged – if city, state, region or nation. All reports happen in real time, meaning that the information is always current, and as up to date as possible. It can then be examined anywhere the operator has access.

  • Multi-Unit Management

Menu management and system setup across multiple components is fast and simple with Brink’s unique cloud-based technology. Business owners can now simplify menu rollout, and enhance operational efficiency. With Brink POS, alter your menu once, rather than for each individual place.

  • Increased Data Security
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The amount of security in cloud-based software is completely increased, limiting the range of liability and the prospect of credit card violation or identity theft. Brink does not want a back-office computer, and customer information is safe, accessible and secure from the cloud.

Say goodbye to heritage and hello to the cloud

Cloud-based POS solutions are flexible, cost effective, and simple to implement, compared to traditional legacy POS systems, which can be costly to upgrade and outdated. Switching to the cloud when picking a new POS system is an efficient way to keep customers engaged and connected, and to eliminate the possibility of failing to meet industry standards and regulations, or failure to become compliant.

Cloud POS solutions are flexible, valuable, and valuable in a variety of ways, and their implementation will enable your restaurant to grow to meet customer expectations and market requirements. With the adoption of this cloud, business owners are able to align their brand with achievement by encouraging additional conveniences for customers to make the most of- such as curbside takeout, customer loyalty programs, online ordering, text message ordering, in-store tablets, kiosk ordering, line breaking, and cover at table apparatus to name a few. It’s time to bid farewell to your legacy systems and upgrade your brand with cloud-based software solutions.

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