Maximize Your Business Potential with Shopify POS Features

Shopify is the number 1 e-commerce platform today, with more than 1 million stores regularly operating. It provides users with a complete website, most fully equipped to design and manage a business. In this article, we would like to introduce Shopify POS features, a great tool to level up your business.

Overview of Shopify POS

Shopify POS (Point of Sale) is an application that allows businesses to sell products or services offline as well as online. You can use this special tool at your physical store, trade show, pop-up store, featured events, or on your e-commerce site.

Shopify POS helps businesses directly sell their products or services. With this application, the system will receive orders from customers, accept payments and synchronize transactions across sales channels. Getting started with Shopify POS, you must purchase a Shopify e-commerce subscription and use that account to manage important details of the point-of-sale system, such as customers, inventory and other administrative information whether or not you sell online. If your business is selling directly, Shopify POS hardware will be an excellent tool to support you.

Pros of Shopify POS

The benefits of Shopify POS are manifold. Firstly, the Shopify POS feature is to support multichannel selling. Shopify POS with easy synchronization between stores allows businesses to sell on many different channels. Shopify helps synchronize customer information, synchronize product quantities, inventory and synchronize orders across retail locations, online stores and other sales channels.

Furthermore, the application also supports creating emails and managing social media marketing campaigns, developing loyalty programs and generating reports from sales. These are features that help grow and scale your business.

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Shopify POS features

Shopify POS Lite 

Shopify POS Lite is the cheapest plan you can find at Shopify, with only $9/month to get started. However, to use Lite, you need to have an entire website already, and this feature pack will add e-commerce functions to your stores like blogs or listings. Shopify POS features of this plan include basic features such as inventory tracking, unlimited inventory, order management support, and customer record keeping with order history and contact information. This Shopify POS package’s features are suitable for small and medium businesses, helping them initially manage their businesses smoothly.

Shopify POS Pro 

Shopify POS Pro is a higher quality plan; its price is the price of your Shopify plan and an additional $89/month per location. Shopify POS Pro usually comes with Shopify Plus plans. As a higher quality service plan, these plans have more and more prominent Shopify POS features than the Lite plan. Features like on-site delivery and management, cart retrieval for checkout, order generation, receipt printing, inventory forecasting and alerts, and more suitable for all businesses. Specifically, the Shopify POS features of this plan include an unlimited number of store employees, an unlimited number of cash registers and omnichannel support great for businesses eager to level up and thrive.


The Shopify POS features mentioned above are suitable for businesses looking to upgrade. Contact us if you need assistance linking elements from Shopify POS.

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