Manually enable enhanced conversions in GTM

You might get stuck at step 4 of the Instructions for manually Enabling enhanced Google Ads conversions in Google Tag Manager. This is the section that states: Click Include user-provided information from your website. That’s what happened to me and my unidentified friend when I tried to activate enhanced conversion in multiple GTM containers. Some containers had this option, but others didn’t.


If you’re interested in learning more, I’ll leave a hyperlink to the step-by_explained process for Google Ads enhanced Conversion Activation starting at the beginning.

After you have enabled the enhanced conversion option in Google Ads, it can take up to five days for the Include user provided data from your site checkbox to be added to your GTM Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag. If the feature is not available after five days, you can contact the Google Team for assistance.

After several calls, emails and a month later, the problem was still not solved, I decided to try the old-fashioned method of restarting the computer. Although it isn’t really restarting the computer, it was a similar solution that worked in this case.


How can you fix this problem?

Follow these steps to get started:

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  1. In the same account, create a new container
  2. Click on the Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag in a New Container and the option click Include user-provided Data from Your Websiteshould appear
  3. Import the entire tracking setup from the container you have just used and export it to the container you are using.
  4. You can update the GTM ID number in the webshop GTM extension or your Google Tag Manager shortcode depending on how you connected GTM. Then you are ready to go and complete the Enhanced Conversion setup Google Ads conversion diagnostic tab after successful enhanced conversion activation

It worked in a few cases for our clients, so you might try it, it may work for your case too!

Need help with GTM

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