It Is Time to Boost Your Digital Experience to Meet Customer Expectations

Consumers are knowledgeable about online shopping and electronic marketing, but working on the internet with a lawyer or an accountant is still a fairly new experience. Not all customers are familiar with a fully digital experience, particularly with professional service providers that have traditionally relied upon in-person meetings.

However, the pandemic continues to affect our health and security, and technology is stepping up to meet the challenges of social distancing. You will need to create a positive digital experience for your clients –one which builds a long-lasting connection and is welcoming to all customers.

To assist you, we surveyed 557 customers who had at least one completely digital expertise with a professional service provider in the previous six months to discover how they felt about the all-digital interaction, what they are hoping in the future, and how professional service providers like you can prepare for this.

Using these findings on current consumer expectations, we will direct you on how to proceed from a mere electronic existence into a comprehensive approach to cultivate long-term relationships and internet business for all customers, today and post-COVID.





Key takeaways from our customer survey:

  • 61% say the capability of the service provider to comprehend and deal with the problem (s) is important to delivering a fantastic online experience.
  • 67% report they’re more likely to pick a supplier with a fully online service.
  • 32% say they’re likely to work with a service provider if they get communications”about [their] particular situation or needs.”

What does an electronic experience seem like for a professional service provider?

For professional service suppliers, it is time to go beyond electronic marketing to supply your customers with an electronic experience that meets their expectations that are new.

Let’s get into what customers expect and desire from a excellent digital experience. Each section will focus on a single area of the electronic customer journey and provide tips on what you can do for each.

Your electronic business model: Demand for electronic encounters is here to stay

Although some consultations and meetings can change back to in-person when it is safe to do so, the satisfaction levels for online interactions are high: More than 80 percent of respondents are satisfied (“somewhat” and”very satisfied”) with their latest online interaction with a service provider.

The satisfaction of customers in interactions since the start of the outbreak is impacting the long-term preferences of customers. Sixty-eight percent of respondents state in the future they are more likely (“somewhat likely” and”very likely”) to pick a supplier with a fully online service over one which does not have one.

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This means that investing in a excellent digital experience is worth your time and for the future of your company.

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Your service offering: Understanding the client’s issue is Crucial to a Wonderful interaction

Three out of four respondents put”ability of the service provider to comprehend and address my issue(s)” in their top three most important aspects in electronic interactions with a service provider. But does this seem clear?

Well, let us consider if consumers had not rated this factor very high–which could indicate their need is being met consistently enough that they would not even consider it. That the overwhelming bulk rank it high is telling that not every interaction has been a successful one. They have left the meeting with unanswered questions or happen to be moved about to multiple people before getting someone who could help.


  • Do not forget to cover the fundamentals on your relationship with each customer or client. Listen to their needs and concerns without making assumptions or jumping ahead of them.
  • Include space or time at the end of each meeting and communicating for your client to ask questions.
  • Enable your front-end employees to supply as much information on as many distinct issues as possible to avoid having to move the client multiple times.

Diving deeper to the top factors

Let’s get into how frequently each factor of a terrific online experience was rated as the most important to customers that we surveyed.

Continuing the trend of covering the basics for your clients, we see that the”ability of the service provider to satisfy the service” is the next top factor of making a great digital experience with 25 percent of respondents choosing it as the most important. This number indicates the frustration that your client experiences when they come to you with possibly a misunderstanding of your offerings.

In terms of which factors were rated the least important, the majority (54 percent ) rank”ease of use with navigating, scheduling, and paying for services” as the least important element in their electronic interactions with a service provider. This is not to say it is not important–it means that normally, the operation meets expectations.

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Your Site: Building a welcoming user experience for everybody

From weak net connections to access problems, everybody experiences difficulty with online interactions at least some of the time. You do not want to alienate any potential or current clients. Designing an inclusive digital experience does not have to mean a significant overhaul of your offering–let us get into the primary accessibility issues and tweaks you can make to accommodate your clients.

Challenges Because of a weak Online connection

Two out of three respondents”occasionally,””frequently,” or”always” encounter challenges online correlated with a weak online connection or signal.

And this was not just rural consumers–35 percent of urban respondents report using poor net connections”frequently” or”always.” Do not make assumptions about the technical requirements of your customers based on where they are at, since you might be alienating over half of your prospective customers.

Fifty-four percentage of respondents say it is”somewhat” or”extremely important” that service providers provide an internet experience that’s still usable with a weak online connection.

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Challenges Because of a disability

From website design to distant meetings, the electronic experience you provide should be successful and welcoming for everybody. Over half (56 percent ) of respondents say it is”somewhat” or”extremely important” for service providers to provide an internet experience that’s accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities, even when they don’t require lodging.

Let’s dive into some of the most common user-assistive features provided on sites and how frequently they are used by consumers:

The characteristics in this graph help users with vision impairments, sensory sensitivities, weak motor function, or anybody needing to alter their online experience.

Your communications: Digitally change your messages to clients

The kinds of messages that you send to clients should build on the terrific digital experience you are providing. However, are you sending out the messages that they want?

First, let’s get into how customers prefer to interact with companies online:

From emails to text talks to social networking posts, we discovered that nobody kind of messaging platform dominates in taste. Based on how diverse these findings are, a one-size-fits-all kind of communication will leave out more clients than you could anticipate. So make certain to vary where you are sending out and ready to get messages from your clients.

Now, let’s enter what information you should include. We asked our survey takers to rank the kinds of messages which would probably lead them to doing business with a service provider .

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According to our findings, here is the Kinds of messages customers want:

  • Personalized: 32 percent of respondents state they’re most likely to work with a service provider if they get communications”about [their] specific situation or needs.”
  • Support for workers and clients : 16% say they favor communication about the way the company is supporting its workers and clients.
  • New providers : 14% say they favor communication about a new service or product.

What consumers do not prefer:

  • Feedback asks : 24% ranking requesting customer feedback on the way the company can improve its support as their preferred sort of communications. Only 6 percent of respondents favor opinions requests the most.
  • Trend reports: 20 percent of respondents rank communications regarding business trends about the service the company provides as their next least preferred sort of communication. Only 5% favor trend reports the most.





Use digital technology to design a Fantastic digital service

Your present and post-pandemic business plan should include a welcoming digital experience for your clients at every step of the interaction. Use the tips shared here on what customers expect from digital experiences to help design one for your company.

If you’re contemplating investing in software to support your efforts, from CRMs to content management to project management applications, we’ve got tens of thousands of user reviews for an assortment of products. Software will help manage your customer information, provide performance insight through metrics and analytics, automate content publication over multiple channels, and help increase customer satisfaction with personalized messages and appointment scheduling.

ConnectPOS is a resource you can turn to again and again. We help you ask good questions and learn from other people’s experiences, so that you can do better work daily.





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