How Using a Professional Tablet Solution Benefits Manufacturers

A growing number of manufacturers are leveraging tablets to streamline procedures and boost accuracy and efficacy. While mobility offers many advantages, it is important to pick the best device to be used on your own operations. Producers should choose industrial-grade apparatus to be certain they’re getting the most from their technology investments.

Industrial-grade tablets provide:

  • Improved performance. Industrial tablet solutions support a number of tasks, like receiving, putaway, picking, and shipping. It integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management systems (WMS), together with popular industrial applications like inventory management and asset tracking. Tablet solutions also support multiple operating systems for compatibility with most applications on the factory floor, in addition to from the warehouse and the area.
  • Resistance to wear and tear. Any industrial tablet device should have a rating of IP54 or greater. This type of score is assurance that the unit is highly protected from damage from water or dust. An industrial tablet, unlike its consumer-grade counterpart, can be hardened for demanding manufacturing environments and will continue to function despite intense temperatures and falls onto hard surfaces. With an industrial tablet solution reduces downtime for repairs and replacement costs.
  • Reduced expenses and total cost of ownership. Though they have a higher sticker price, industrial tablets really cost less to use over time since they don’t have to be repaired or replaced as frequently as consumer-grade devices. Additionally, industrial tablet solutions tend to be field-serviceable and do not have to be eliminated from the factory floor for repairs, which can help minimize downtime and repair costs.
  • Increased inventory management. Manufacturers can’t afford to run out of stock, be plagued with overages, or keep unnecessarily large carrying costs. Manufacturers using industrial tablet solutions with built-in barcode scanners and near field communication (NFC) technology can maintain tighter controls on inventory, monitoring every thing on the factory floor in real time. Tablets also help employees quickly find inventory by section and row without leaving the production line to confirm a stationary system. Production line and inventory status could be monitored continuously and any issues handled quickly and quickly. Employees can enter data on damaged stock or other things with tools like an integrated bar code scanner, that will be instantly accessible to management and other team members.
  • Capability to easily track resources. Along with a bar code scanner, industrial pills may also be outfitted with RFID readers. This permits workers to find items or equipment by monitoring their RFID tags, saving time it would take to discover the asset — particularly if it wasn’t properly stored.
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With increased pressure to streamline supply chain operations, improve procedures, and management costs, producers of all sizes are searching for solutions that will help them meet their aims and remain profitable and competitive.

A tablet solution will include mobile capabilities to your operations that could advance you toward your goals of greater productivity and efficient inventory management, and choosing an industrial-grade tablet will indicate the solution is going to have more uptime, lower repair costs, and a lower TCO.

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