I opened my first shop in 2003. It was a wine shop in Fort Greene in Brooklyn, known as The Greene Grape and I realized fairly quickly that I had no clue what I had gotten myself into.

I learned that when you operate your own location, you’re responsible for absolutely every facet of it. You’re operating the novels, managing inventory, training workers, looking into advertising promotions, calling for the forthcoming months, attempting to forecast cash flow, cleaning the windows, scrubbing the floors and generally worrying that you are forgetting something important.

In a nutshell, I found out that small business is hard. The hours are long, the worries constant and the market can seem incredibly unpredictable. It is no secret that the failure rate for new small businesses in the usa is dangerously high; across the country some 25 percent of new restaurants close their doors within the first year and 60 percent are gone within three decades. These odds of success do not exactly invite long nights of care-free and dreamless sleep. And yet, it’s precisely the capability to break away from the stress and the daily grind that permits a small business person to make good decisions and increase their odds of success.

Among the most overused quotes in business is,’Genius is 1 percent Inspiration, 99 percent Perspiration’. Young entrepreneurs are advised that the perfect idea is just a small part of the equation and that, in fact, success comes from putting your nose to the grindstone and working long hours. Through time, I have been exposed to lots of small companies, both as a merchant and as the creator of ConnectPOS POS, and in my experience, hard work alone simply is not enough. Of all those retailers which have been forced to shut their doors, only a very small percentage did so due to a lack of work. The actual danger to small business is not putting in enough hours behind the counter, it is putting in a lot of.

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The key to sustainable success lies in the 1 percent inspiration. And by inspiration, I do not mean the sitting at a bubble-bath, screaming a Eureka moment preferred by scientists and inventors; I mean the ability of an entrepreneur to create enough time daily to immerse themselves in the details of their business and create clever, insightful decisions. Not every moment will prove to be game changing, but sufficient thoughtful and intelligent conclusions in a row often equal a thriving enterprise.

Lucky for us, there are several cheap, cloud-based programs available that can definitely help make daily processes more efficient, provide you with more time, more information and generally get you closer to creating smarter business decisions. I am a strong believer in cloud-based applications and we use them at ConnectPOS POS. I’ve listed some of my favorites below.

WhenToWork makes it effortless to schedule changes, see when workers are working and fill empty slots with individuals who have accessibility. It keeps all workers in touch, so it makes the entire process much smoother. No more forgetting who is supposed to start tomorrow.

For small business owners, that nightmare of you falling from a high cliff can be replaced by a tower of newspaper tumbling onto you, waking you up right as you’re about to be buried. Use for payables management and get some sleep. You and your accountant will have everything you want to handle daily finances and cash flow.

I’d also highly recommend FreshBooks that delivers the capability to create and manage invoices, quotes, expenses and projects all in 1 place. It is a really useful and easy to use instrument for maintaining the financial side of your company in good order. They also provide really terrific customer support that’s something that’s actually near my heart.

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1 thing small business owners sometimes overlook are such remarkable phone systems preferred by larger corporations where everybody has the exact same prefix, and it’s easy to get the telephone number of any worker. Ring Central provides an inexpensive cloud-based mobile system that does exactly what those legacy systems do, but even better. Additionally, it works with mobile phones.

For brick and mortar retailers seeking to locate a strong point of sale system which does not break the bank, it’s possible to get setup with a full-service POS system which contains an iPad enroll and stores data in the cloud. ConnectPOS POS is designed to enable small businesses by providing them tools such as advanced data analysis and new technologies such as mobile payments which they have never been able to get.

There are an unbelievable number of tools available to the small business community to help them reduce stress, find more time and generally be more intelligent about how they channel their business efforts. Additionally, lots of these services have the ability to integrate with one another — that can save you even more time.

Even with all the ideal support, It is still a long, hard road to business success. That is why ConnectPOS POS has combined Open Sky in sponsoring The Small Business Breakthrough, a national movement to observe, recognize and encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs in america. If you are reading this and you wish to support your favourite local organization, you can nominate them for a Breakthrough Award on then share the nomination via social websites with the hashtag #sbbreakthru.

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