How to Cope With “Hangry” Clients

Timing is everything when it comes to running a successful restaurant, but if you are working with a dining rush, are short-staffed or are running low on components, there is a right and wrong way to tackle”hangry” (hungry and mad ) clients. Here a few ways your POS system can help you do that.

Streamline ordering and fulfillment. Customers usually become hangry due to unexpected delays that occur in the time they enter the restaurant, to the time they get their meal and finalize checkout. Leverage your point-of-sale system to decrease the inefficiencies that may exist in your processes to enhance the customer experience. By way of instance, digital menus may appropriately reflect feature things and suggested side and beverage accompaniments so that clients know precisely what dishes are available and available to purchase. Your POS system also can ease the process of correctly transmitting arrangement details from the wait staff to the kitchen to reduce mistakes regarding specific ingredients or preparation requests. Equipping the server and wait staff with cellular point of sale devices also allows customers to test out instantly at tableside when they are ready to pay (including simplifying the process of dividing checks), so tables turn more quickly, and clients move through their dining experience with as little unnecessary waiting as possible.

Reach them through their stomachs. Giving customers a free thing to munch on before their meal arrives could appease hangry clients, and finally, act as an advantage to your restaurant’s bottom line. As writer and historian Andrew Haley describes in a Freakonomics podcast, offering bread began over a century ago, when people ate at taverns. Although the free bread introduced a small cost to the tavern proprietor gave hungry patrons sustenance until their dinner was prepared for serving — and enabled the restaurant owner to present smaller entree portions of main staples, such as meat and fish. Since the price of this free bread is really”baked” to the menu price, both client and owner win.

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Listen to the reason for the criticism. Hangry customers might be driven by thirst and frustration, but listening to the specifics driving their unhappiness is crucial so you can provide a real solution which makes the customer feel like he or she has been heard and acknowledged. (If a client is gluten-free and unhappy about lack of appropriate meal alternatives for instance, offering free dessert is not going to fix the problem and will probably anger the consumer farther.) As soon as you resolve the matter, capture the reason behind the customer’s dissatisfaction in your POS, to make certain you offer them an appropriate bounce-back offer in the weeks that follow to appease any bad feelings that may linger.

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Do Free Appetizers Invite People to Eat More?

Offering free appetizers to diners who come to your restaurant will cost you some money, but there are a few circumstances when complimentary appetizers may lead to customers spending more in your restaurant than they otherwise might, ultimately boosting your revenue, and possibly, profit margins. Here is a look at some surprising reasons giving your clients a free appetizer might actually encourage them to eat more.

Initiate a fundamental human interaction response. The idea behind free appetizers is really based less on diner hunger, and more about the assumption behind social exchange theory, which basically postulates that people make decisions based on the perceived equilibrium which exists within their relationships and an attempt to”reconcile” any activity that contributes to a perceived imbalance — such as the treatment they get at a restaurant. When you provide a diner free meals, according to the theory, they might be motivated to invest more in their meal, to achieve a feeling of equilibrium in market for what you gave them.

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Determine the sustainability of this chain reaction. Free appetizers can work to your benefit or detriment based on what the free appetizer entails, including its dimensions and following cravings it might help to induce. By way of instance, offering a free salty appetizer like edamame may create thirst, prompting diners to purchase a greater profit margin beverage like soda, flavored or alcoholic drinks, when they could otherwise simply sip water till their main entree arrives. Likewise offering diners an appetizer which matches a different dish on the appetizer menu (such as chips and salsa that then make someone want to dip a chip into queso or guacamole) can encourage them to purchase more paid appetizers when they otherwise may not. (With that in mind, however, it is important to”weigh” whether causing more appetizer orders then decreases the odds that they will order a full entree).

Define what “more” means. The value you will realize from free appetizers is contingent largely on the goals you have. By way of instance, do you want customers to see your restaurant more frequently, or purchase more higher-profit products? The distinction is an important one, since it impacts critical things that all have bearing on your earnings, including the period of time diners stay seated, how often they visit your restaurant — and how they perceive your brand. By way of instance, though casual chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s generated substantial media (and allegedly boosted diner visitors ) with a $10 advertising for”endless appetizers,” restaurant experts theorized that the deal could damage the 50-year-old brand long-term more than it provided a short-term advantage, especially among the younger generation, who have a tendency to appreciate higher quality, fresh and healthier options above portion size, and even price.

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