How to Boost Guest Experience in a Restaurant

Operating a restaurant demands a whole lot of various skills. You want to get organized, in-control, capable of leadership, good with money management, and detail-oriented. In addition, you should have good decision-making abilities, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

However, the ability that distinguishes the fantastic restaurant owners from the good is a customer-focused mindset. Although this attitude makes dining simpler for clients and encourages them to return for repeat business, in addition, it serves to make the cafe cleaner and safer. In essence, since the guest experience is enhanced on your restaurant, it leads to more profits for you.


Technology plays a big role, however. It’s vital that your technology is set up to accommodate a customer-focused company plan. Here are a few solutions you will need:

Online Ordering

In our electronic age, online ordering is imperative to keeping clients happy. Especially with COVID-19 and the exceptional situation it brings, online orders and sales are spiking. To provide a feeling of that change, 1 restaurant management platform supplier reported that an increase in weekly online ordering earnings of 840 percent between February and April. The identical supplier also reported online ordering expansion in massive suburbs of 3,868percent between February and June. Certainly, customers need more ways to purchase online.

It is not just about sales, either. Online ordering allows customers order whenever and wherever they please, skip the waiting period in-person, and spend less time in restaurants. This streamlines the process and retains it convenient for clients, while keeping the restaurants’ sanitation.

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Curbside Pickup

If online ordering is growing, then curbside pickup has to be as well. Curbside pickup is the best companion to online ordering, conveniently automating the pickup procedure for clients. Restaurants can text clients about the status of the order, and process payments and transactions in the parking lot with technical rugged pills. These technologies are made to make things as simple and easy as possible for customers, which will keep them coming back.

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Self-Service Stations

Some institutions have self-service stations for ordering in the shop. These are quite helpful, but only if sanitized often and properly. If maintained properly, they can decrease the spread of disease by lowering face-to-face contact with other people, giving clients and employees a sense of security.

Self-service stations are a excellent way to boost efficiency in restaurants. When it is integrated with a POS system, it may send orders to the POS system right rather than having to be entered manually. These stations also have the flexibility to improve overall order size with upselling prompts. They give customers more control over their ordering experience, which is something many customers want.

Outdoor Dining

Among the very best ways to give customers a fantastic experience is to provide outdoor dining. Clients are going mad with no excuse to get out, and this gives them a much-needed prospect. Often creating an outdoor dining room does not take much effort, provided that the restaurant has some sidewalk or parking lot area. Some companies even take over little side roads for outdoor seating.

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Needless to say, it is important to stick to social distancing guidelines when laying out your outdoor space, like ensuring tables are six feet apart, and serving staff have masks in their disposal. Additionally, it will help make things simple to have the ideal tableside ordering and payment system available, such as rugged mobile POS tablets.

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Tablet Technology for Menu Use at Every Table

For restaurants with limited indoor company, menus could be a tiny public health concern. Not only do they collect harmful substances such as bacteria from being continuously reused, they’re wasteful. Alongside other reusable items on the desk, it can be tricky to properly sanitize them frequently.

Now, there are practical and healthy alternatives to menus. Many restaurants are deciding to put in a tablet at every table that guests may use as more than just a menu. These tablets make it possible for clients to more accurately place their orders, send them straight to the kitchen, and cover their tests at the tableside.

PPE Policies and Procedures

Among the best, and many non-negotiable, strategies to keep clients happy is to keep them secure. It’s crucial to have adequate PPE for all staff members to make certain that business processes are implemented cleanly and safely. If enough gear is kept on hand and employees are behaving sensibly, clients can relax and enjoy their meals.

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