How Security and CRM Attributes are Changing Restaurant POS Systems

POS systems for restaurants have come a long way in the past couple of years. How fast is the restaurant technologies growing? Well, start with the fact that many restaurants don’t have a basic POS set up, much less a complex, cloud-based system.

Since technology is increasing at an exponential rate, there’s no better time than the present to peer into our crystal balls and think about the sorts of things which will take tomorrow’s restaurant POS systems to a different level.

Technology is increasing at an exponential pace.

Here are a few thoughts we have, according to tech that’s already being used now!

Fingerprint and eye scanning

If you’re a government employee or museum curator, you’re likely already well aware of how fingerprint and retinal scanning is increasingly utilised to obtain entry and confirm identity. Our phones even use fingerprints to unlock our devices!

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Yet, despite restaurant POS software representing optimum security, current systems still rely on passwords or codes to gain entry into a system. Though we don’t think badly of your employees and coworkers, we do know it’s possible an unscrupulous employee can steal a card or code to gain entry to another staff member’s login. From there, they could change orders, change tip levels, and generally mess up daily.

Fingerprint scanning to get POS systems goes a long way toward ensuring that the only people obtaining individual accounts are the people themselves, keeping protected records throughout the board.

Likewise, this technology may also be put to use in concert with credit card entry or digital cover mechanics, so there are no doubts concerning the identity of the cardholder, or what might happen when a card was handed over to some host.

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Safety and security are paramount to establishing and maintaining trust with your customers. Without that confidence, you won’t have repeat business, and new business will dwindle in no time flat.  Speaking of the…

More personalized customer relationship management (CRM)

All of us know it’s much more expensive and difficult to market new clients than it is to maintain ones that are present. And”thank you” emails and coupon codes on receipts only go so far when it comes to staying front-of-mind with your nearest and dearest.

More advanced restaurant CRMs allow restaurants to nurture outreach beyond traditional blast emails, becoming more personalized and unique to an individual’s experience. With the quantity of customer experience information we’ll garner through POS systems, owners can craft highly granular correspondence that speaks to these things as:

  • Coupons for purchased items
  • Location-based SMS and email outreach, if customers are local
  • Restaurant promotions based on time interval (e.g.,”You haven’t been here in a week! Your favorite menu item misses you!”)

It’s a proven marketing strategy that people don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people. And nowhere is that more evident than in restaurants, where a outstanding experience often outweighs the quality or price of the food itself.

Implementing hyper-specific info from restaurant POS systems enables owners to appeal to what clients demonstrate most, whether it be a repeat purchase, a new thing, use of vouchers, and much more. The info is there — it’s all up to restaurant owners to use it and further engage their audiences.

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