According to data in Baynote and, personalization can induce more retail conversions. Using personalized recommendations retailers saw a 355% increase increase. Other interesting findings included:

• 35% apparel orders affected by recommendations
• 16 percent of apparel websites’ total earnings results from clicking recommendations
• 38 percent of apparel sites’ earnings results from recommendations

Besides optimizing onsite search options, they propose adding onsite recommendations.

Meanwhile ConnectPOS POS has launched an iPhone app which helps merchants by making real time sales viewable through a mobile device. The app tracks previous day metrics and sales so that merchants can understand in real time what products are selling, stock prices and the best way to engage with customers in-store.

“Each and every platform upgrade we provide is directly tied to customer feedback,”said Jason Richelson, CEO and Founder of ConnectPOS POS. “Keeping consistently up-to-date on shop sales is crucial to understanding company successes and disappointments. ConnectPOS POS is the sole iPad POS system that provides merchants the ability to handle their shop from an iPhone or Android phone.”

Ike Escava, co-owner of The Bean, a favorite three-store coffee shop chain in the East Village in NYC. “I really like it!” Escava said. “ConnectPOS POS keeps raising the bar for point-of-sale reporting. I am now able to see real time metrics on all three of my shops in one app with a single click.”

Throughout the app merchants can track both revenue and returns, see gross margins to monitor earnings every day and see numerous store locations via one screen to monitor how shops are doing in various neighborhoods, cities or areas.

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Conventional cash registers may soon be a thing of the past.

Two Beloit small companies have already dumped the idea of a clunky cash register. The Cheese Individuals and Bushel & Peck’s Local Market rather opt for an iPad point-of-sale (POS) solution from ConnectPOS POS.

ConnectPOS is an iPad POS system that gives merchants the ability to run and examine their companies on a cloud-based interface. By combining an iPad POS system with comprehensive BackOffice reporting, merchants are able to create evaluation of inventory, sales and customer relationship management, based on

Thousands of merchants nationwide already have changed to ConnectPOS POS as their iPad POS, according to the site. The merchant community includes quick serve restaurants, retail, places, specialty food, services and more, said Kym Lino with Atomic public relations.

ConnectPOS jobs tablet POS systems will dominate the market in three to five decades, Lino said.

Cheese People owner Darren Larsen said he bought the iPad POS system ConnectPOS with accompanying printer, money box and scanner, to use instead of a conventional cash register system when he started his business. He explained a subscription to the service and the purchase price of the iPad is roughly half the price of using a conventional system. An attachment enables a credit card to be swiped through also.

Employee Andrew Montrone stated she had been somewhat nervous about handling new technologies, but was forced to do it and now loves it.

Larsen said with an iPad is excellent for smaller businesses due to cost and counter space savings. Because ConnectPOS POS is on the world wide web, Larsen said he can monitor sales or inventory when he’s away from the company.

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Nikki’s Cafe, located in exactly the exact same area as The Cheese People, on 604 Pleasant St., has not changed to an iPad for a cash register yet, but utilizes an iPad to conduct operator Lloyd Smith’s Rewards Program for clients. Previously, Smith used a conventional punch card, allowing customers to have a free cup of coffee after a certain quantity of purchases. However, many people lost the cards and Smith did not like throwing away so much paper.

Clients are now given a plastic card that they can use, much like a credit card. And if they forget they could log onto the iPad through their email address. The subscription program called “Belly” also tracks rewards points. After a certain quantity of purchases, people can qualify for a free pastry, smoothie or other goodies. After 500 points, individuals will have the ability to find the chance to meet Smith’s cat, Nikki.

Smith said clients love the Rewards Program. He would think about using an iPad for a POS system in the long run if a compatible application becomes available.



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