How Millennials Impact Quick Casual Industry Trends

At 80 to 90 million strong and 25 percent of the U.S. population, the millennial generation of consumers ages 18 to 33 is a force to be reckoned with. According to a report by Morgan Stanley Research, millennials constitute 51 percent of fast-casual restaurant clients. Given these statistics, it is important for quick casual restaurant operators to comprehend how millennials influence quickly casual industry trends — and do what you can to accommodate this substantial fraction of your client base.

1. Millennials are affected by information they find online.

Maybe more than any other group, millennials base lots of their dining decisions on online reviews like those located on Yelp, and they seek out information on websites such as Google My Business. Additionally, they prefer to let others know about their dining and shopping experiences, with, according to, 70 percent feel the need to discuss positive and negative opinions of restaurants.

Because of this, it is important to monitor your online reviews regularly, responding to as many as possible using a”thank-you” or an explanation of how you are addressing situations which weren’t to clients’ liking. Maintain your Google My Business data up-to-date also.


2. Millennials are omnichannel consumers.

Millennials like to socialize with their favourite brands, merchants, and restaurants on the internet in addition to in person. Just as importantly, millennials are significant social networking users; for instance, 46 percent regularly post original photos on social networking websites, based on

Millennials’ omnichannel bent places the use of technology and social media on peak of the list of fast-casual business trends. On the tech front, this means supplying mobile apps that allow time-strapped customers to purchase and purchase food from their telephones and find it ready to go when they arrive in restaurants. To help promote millennials to mention you through their social networking activity, place your Twitter, Instagram and other social networking manages clearly on each menu (along with any creative hashtags you may want to include), so that they could quickly spread the word about your institution to their friends. Additionally, it involves ensuring that your menu items are camera-ready — worthy of posting on Instagram and Facebook — and that your social networking pages tell a story about your own restaurant.

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3. Millennials have a different definition of “healthy” food.

Before, most customers equated”healthy” with”low-calorie.” However, when contemplating fast-casual industry trends, don’t dismiss the fact that this perception has changed. More than 50 percent of millennials queried by Morgan Stanley Research defined”healthy” food as fresh and less processed and as comprising fewer artificial ingredients than could once have been the case.

To better appeal and appeal to millennials, use ingredients like grass-fed, hormone-free meats; fresh, instead of frozen fish; and locally sourced produce delivered to your restaurant many times a week. Leverage social media, advertising, and other marketing vehicles to show you’ve adjusted ingredient-purchasing and serving practices to correlate with millennials’ preferences.

The sheer number of millennials from the U.S. — not to mention their purchasing power ($200 billion, Forbes magazine recently reported) — provides them great influence in dictating fast-casual business trends. Paying attention to these trends can help you stay ahead of the bunch.

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