How London-Based Grind Keeps Up With The Coffee Industry

Effortless Expansion Fueled by Pushing Boundaries

Founded just east of London in 2011 by two friends who were determined to disrupt the local coffee scene, Grind started out as one place espresso bar and has since successfully scaled both their organization and offerings. Now, Grind is comprised of 3 café-bars and seven restaurants around London. The business combines design, technology, music, and startup culture to create a unique customer experience.

Grind’s Creative Director Ted Robinson has been with Grind since 2013, and watched firsthand as every place developed its own distinct character, together with unique menus and operational requirements. Early on, Grind replaced their first POS with Revel. Since then, the company has habitually pushed the bounds of Revel’s grand skills.

Reducing human error

Regularly embracing technology to improve procedures, Grind was an early adopter of Revel’s Kitchen Display System (KDS). With KDS displays installed behind the espresso bar and in kitchens at every location, lost or dropped printer dockets are no longer a concern for Grind. Further, orders can be easily changed or updated from Revel’s till to the KDS. Staff do not have to go behind the bar or to the kitchen to communicate changes.

“We understood the need for the KDS once we went from making 500 to 600 cups of coffee per day to ten times that amount, and a paper order was not enough. It is a very simplified sense check for the group, and cuts down on errors in the kitchen,” says Robinson.

Opening possibilities with Revel’s open API

Grind frequently takes advantage of Revel’s open API, and has produced a variety of customized solutions that integrate seamlessly to Revel’s POS consequently. These customizations, including the creation of a personalized Grind loyalty app via a third party integration, enables the company to distinguish its offerings and stick out from the fiercely competitive speciality coffee space which is now.

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Making data a friend

With 10 locations across London, real time, multi-site reporting is imperative to Grind’s operations. Revel’s smart reporting provides Grind’s management the ability to make crucial business decisions in a flash, whether it’s making a decision to send an employee home based on earnings, or removing menu items which aren’t selling.

Operators can see precisely how their place is acting anywhere, at any time, via the Revel Insights app on a smartphone. It makes managing many websites simpler, and enables Grind to be”as data-driven as a tech startup,” according to Robinson.

After six decades of running on Revel Systems, Grind has evolved from an early adopter into a mature and advanced customer, trusting Revel using its successful location expansion on the way. Amazing coffee, unmistakable design, and an intuitive POS have helped create Grind the coffee destination it is today.

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