How a POS System Speeds Up Checkout Times

Running your business with a point of sale system can provide several advantages. For retailers, among the most notable is the ability to generate checkout lines go faster. This may sound too good to be true, but there are a few features that play with this fact. Keep reading to see how a POS system can accelerate checkout and keep clients happy!

Efficient Inventory Searches

If you have a retail business, you realize that clients will oftentimes bring their questions and concerns up to the checkout line. More specifically, we have been stuck behind someone who’s waiting on something besides a transaction, like a product lookup.

Fortunately, retail POS systems come equipped with topnotch inventory management. Quickly and easily find out if the item in question is available in different sizes, colours, in the back room of the storefront, or in another location. There is no need to run around the shop or call up two other places to find your answer. Did the consumer forget their wallet or a product? Put transactions on hold as you check out other clients and pick up exactly where you left off. Cutting down the time that jobs such as these take removes any possibility of frustration and keeps checkout lines moving quickly.

Safe and Accurate ID Checks

If you run a tobacco store or liquor store, you are probably checking customer IDs multiple times every day. Are you still doing this manually — entering the arrival date in your system or merely eyeing what is on the license? While it doesn’t look like either of these options take much time, every minute counts during rush hours. And what’s more, these two ID-checking methods can lead to mistakes, putting your company at risk for major fines.

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Purchasing a point of sale system that has age verification integration makes life much easier. As opposed to read or type at a birth date — and suppose that the permit is real to start with — you are able to swipe an ID to get immediate approval or denial. No brain power is necessary and you can feel at ease knowing your company is not in danger. For another layer of safety, you may even make an ID scan required for all transactions so that workers do not skip this step.

Quick Barcode Scans

Regardless of which sort of business you run, there is typically a demand for barcoding items. How are you doing this? Even if the majority of your products have a barcode that you have imported into your system, what can you do about those special items which don’t? If you are a smaller-scale local company that only sells custom products, then barcodes are a definite upgrade.

Instead of place stickers on each item and manually type details in at checkout, put money into a POS system that has barcode printer integration. Easily create barcodes in any size and shape you need, print them yourself, and add each item to your stock. Then, at checkout, scan your custom barcodes and the point of sale system knows exactly what is being sold. Since inventory is incorporated, the system will also upgrade product count so that your stock numbers are up-to-date.

Purchasing a Retail POS System

For those who have questions regarding the features mentioned or want to find out more about what a POS system offers, let’s chat! ConnectPOS provides complete point of sale solutions for companies of all industries. Our hardware and software is totally customized to your precise needs.

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