Here are 14 high-converting product page examples to learn from

Here are 14 high-converting product page examples to learn from

Customers are almost there when they reach your online shop’s product pages. This is the right time to provide them with the information they require to complete their purchase. Your product page will make your visitors feel confident and ready to buy when done correctly.

We gathered 14 of our most popular high-converting product pages. These pages can be used to help you build your own.

01. Sena Runa

They sellColorful quilling paper

The things they do right:Sena Rana creates original art pieces that can be made to order. On their product pages, the store is clear about the creation process as well as the timeframe. Customers are kept informed so they know what to anticipate.

Tip:If your business is selling art, you should create an Instagram account. Keep it up-to-date. Add links to your account to your website. Customers can follow you and view new creations in their feeds.

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02. Furry necks

What they sellHandmade Haris tweed dog collars

They’re doing it right:Collapsible mini sections about “Product Info,” Size,” Care Instructions and Delivery & Returns provide customers with the information they require without overwhelming the page with text.

Tip:Let customers add the products they love to a Wishlist so that they can return and purchase them later.

03. Celebs on Sandwiches

What they sell:Watercolor painting of your favorite celebrities sitting in sandwiches

They’re doing it right: Shoppers can see the drawings framed or zoomed in to get a feel for how they will look on a wall.

Tip: Clearly display your shipping information as well as the dimensions of the product. Customers will be able to easily add the product to their shopping cart by simply navigating to your product landing page.

04. Soft Art Home

What they sellMetal wall decor

What they are doing right: Product descriptions include clear measurements and product materials, as well as multiple high-quality photographs so that customers know exactly what they can expect.

Tip: You can use your images to display your product in multiple settings. This will help customers to think creatively about their spaces.

05. MVP Organics

What they sell:Organic oils and soaps

What they are doing right:MVP Organics isn’t afraid to highlight all the reasons why their product stands out. The soap’s uniqueness is clearly outlined on their product pages, from its organic ingredients to USDA certification.

Tip:Creating playful product descriptions can add an element of fun and make customers feel more at ease buying from your store. To avoid appearing unprofessional, ensure that you strike the right balance with your brand.

06. You can’t find any useful treasures

What they sell:Art prints and patterned wallpaper.

What they are doing right: The designs are the center of the store, and the product pages showcase them. Customers can see the art up-close, and get inspiration to create their own combinations.

Tip: Give your customers an easy way to browse your products by moving to “Prev”, or “Next”.

07. Mink Hair Wholesale

They sell:Hairgrowth serums and beauty products

What they are doing right: The product pages contain videos of someone using the serum, so that customers can see how it is used safely and get maximum results.

Use a “Buy Now” button to direct your customers to the checkout page.

08. Handlebend

What they sell:Rustic handmade copper mugs

What they are doing right:Handlebend page design and product photography are breathtaking. So customers can admire the product’s natural beauty, the colors and textures of copper shine. The store’s brand is reflected in the simple, yet charming product descriptions.

Tip: Highlight all the unique features that make your product stand apart, such as its packaging.

09. Abbyspace Pet Beds

What they are selling:Stuffed pet bed

The best part: This product page features photos of cute animals who love their beds. The video shows how to remove and clean your bed cover. This is a common customer problem.

Tip:Include a size chart to help customers choose the right size. Give them all the information they need to choose the right size.

10. Lamarsa

What they sell are Espresso machines, coffee grinders, and everything else needed to make the perfect brew

They’re doing it right:Visitors have the option to click on the heart button to add a product or register to share it with their friends and family. The product photos are attractive and customers love to see the reviews of previous buyers.

Tip:Include similar items on product pages to increase sales and keep customers shopping.

11. Surf City Still Works

What they sell:Spirits made in California

What they are doing right: Product pages highlight the unique label design and branding. Every bottle is a masterpiece that deserves the attention it deserves.

Use a simple layout and a clear call-to-action. Keep your customers’ attention on the purchase and minimize distractions.

12. Cottons Jaipur

What they sell:Women’s kurtas. dresses. dupattas.

This Indian online boutique has care instructions for each product. Customers can also see the fabric to get a feel for how it will feel.

Tip: To complete your look, add a section to your product pages that includes matching clothing items.

13. Ruby Love

What they sell:Leakproof period underwear

What they’re doing right: The store’s professionally-designed pages have a consistent layout, design and look across the site. The sizing chart allows first-time shoppers to easily determine the size they will need.

Tip: Ruby Love uses emotional value in product descriptions. Tell your customers how the product will impact their lives.

14. Alaya Tea

What they sell:Packages organic loose-leaf tea

They’re doing it right:The product page offers the option to upgrade to a gift box and add a personal message.

Tip:Customers want to see reviews from previous customers before they buy. Customer reviews are a great way to increase sales.


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