Guerilla Marketing for Your Online Store

Guerilla Marketing for Your Online Store

Do you want to market your online shop? We can help. It’s easy to do. Unexpected. Loud. Guerilla marketing can be a way to get your company noticed in unusual ways.

What is guerrilla marketing exactly? Let’s look at the key benefits and elements of guerrilla marketing. We will also show you some examples to help you get started with your own campaign.

What’s guerilla marketing?

Guerilla marketing uses elements of surprise in its advertising strategy. This tactic is able to get in front of customers when they least expect it. It’s a low-cost, highly visible way to make a strong statement about your brand.

Guerilla Marketing Features

Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984’s Guerilla Marketing Invented this phrase.

Levinson outlines the key characteristics of guerilla marketing.

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  • Unconventional Uses unconventional approaches such as street art, viral videos, or publicity stunts.
  • Creative and imaginative: Usually uses humor, wit or spectacle to get people talking.
  • Make your customers remember you by creating a memorable buzz. Your brand becomes familiar. This is a good thing, because a Red C Marketing Agency new study shows that 82% of shoppers will purchase a product from a brand they already know.
  • Unexpected Appears in unexpected places like on the side of a bus, or along pedestrian paths.

What are the benefits and challenges of guerilla advertising?

Guerilla marketing can be a great way to leave a lasting impression on your online store. Before you start, consider the pros and cons.


  • Low-cost (sometimes free). Guerilla marketing is less expensive than traditional advertising, whether you are creating a video that’s shared widely or a stencil for graffiti. It’s a great way for small businesses to make noise while staying within a tight budget.
  • Local customers are engaged. Guerilla marketing (e.g. pop-up shops and events) goes beyond an online shopfront. It connects you with your local community.
  • High-quality. It works. Guerilla marketing campaigns are a great way to instantly alter brand perception. An unplanned stunt can become a viral sensation and reach a large audience.
  • It works for all businesses. This works well for small and large businesses. A small business can have a huge impact with a smaller budget. Large companies, on the other hand, can reach their target audience in more personal ways. For example, graffiti on the street or a neighborhood event.
  • Your products are taken out of their usual context. Your product can be displayed outside the digital store. This gives shoppers an opportunity to interact with your brand via interactive experiences.
  • It’s fun. Installations of art. Interactive shopping experiences. Photo-ops that are Instagramworthy Get creative and let your imagination run wild to find unique ways to grab everyone’s attention.


  • It could fail. Guerrilla marketing campaigns can backfire. It is possible for your audience to misunderstand or be too provocative. The television network installed magnetic lights throughout Boston to promote Adult Swim. The lights were mistaken for bombs by many. Consider the audience and timing when developing your campaign. Make sure your message is clear and concise.
  • It is difficult to measure results. To improve metrics, optimize marketing. However, guerilla marketing results can be difficult to measure.

Guerilla Marketing Examples

A collection of great guerilla marketing examples will give you a better understanding of the concept. Check out the National Geographic Shark Week ad. As passengers walk by the bus’ doors, a shark is painted on it. Its unusual location and unique effect are a lasting memory that has captivated the entire bus.

Guerilla marketing on public bus for National Geographic's Shark Week Guerilla marketing on public bus for National Geographic's Shark Week Source: Wix Blog

Austar’s Discovery Channel, Australia, used a similar marketing strategy. To promote a forthcoming documentary, the network placed shark-bitten surfboards on beaches in Sydney. Beachgoers stopped to take photos of the guerilla campaign and snapped pictures. Your ads will be shared worldwide with shareable posts such as these.

Guerilla marketing example for Discovery Channel's Shark WeekGuerilla marketing example for Discovery Channel's Shark WeekSource:

McDonald’s used a unique approach to paint its logo on a pedestrian walkway. The campaign was a hit with pedestrians and created positive associations for the brand.

Guerilla marketing example McDonald's fries crosswalkGuerilla marketing example McDonald's fries crosswalkSource:

With a large cup of coffee, the fast-food chain made a comeback. People sharing photos online help market the brand, while the company can relax. McDonald’s could go further and offer a discount for anyone who tags McDonald’s on Facebook.

McDonald's guerilla marketing example with coffee cupMcDonald's guerilla marketing example with coffee cupSource:

Guerilla Marketing

  • Graffiti/street Art: Marketing uses city streets to promote a brand. These include murals, streetart, stencils and wheat paste. Stickers with your logo are another way to increase brand recognition. Before you advertise, make sure you get permission from the property owner.
  • Stealth marketing: This is when someone goes undercover in order to promote a company. This type of guerilla marketing was done by Sony Mobile in 2002. Actors took selfies and raved about the phone while walking around cities in a Sony smartphone. This is an example of undercover guerilla marketing that gets the attention of key people about the product’s value to the general population.
  • Publicity stunts These are events that draw the public’s attention. For example, a pizza shop makes the largest pie . huge statue of Jeff Goldblum celebrating the 25th anniversary Jurassic Park. These PR stunts can draw a lot of attention to your brand and increase brand awareness.
Guerilla marketing example Jeff Goldblum statue in LondonGuerilla marketing example Jeff Goldblum statue in LondonSource: Twitter @NineDaves
  • Word of mouth: Create intriguing rumors and secrets about your brand in order to get people talking about it. In one case, IHOP changed their name to IHOb during a campaign. Tweeted the food-chain: “What could be the P? June 3: #IHOP“. People were either shocked or excited when they learned that the “b” stands for burgers. The stunt helped IHOP cement its brand and sales increased by fourfold.
  • Giveaways: Who doesn’t like a freebie? Use contests and giveaways to promote your products. Dunkin’ Donuts offers giveaways every day. They gave away daily prizes in their 2019 Guerilla Marketing Campaign – from coffee makers and tumblers, to free coffee for a decade.
  • Flash mobs When a crowd gathers in a place, it suddenly falls to the groundPeople break out into a routine at a train station. Flash mobs are groups of people performing at random in public places such as this. This can be used by brands as a guerilla method to get people talking about their company. This also makes entertaining and shareable content.
  • Experiential.Immersive products experiences or interactive stores displays catch people’s attention and imagination. Murad Skincare’s “Wellness Vault” pop-up experience allowed customers to have one-on-one consultations and get facials. People can try new products through experiential marketing. It leaves a lasting impression and builds brand loyal.
  • Treasure/scavenger Hunts:Hide your products in the city and provide clues as to where they can be found. Grand prizes are a great way to get more people involved. This was done by Nissan Motors with their “Ride of Your Life” guerilla marketing campaign. To help people find and win hidden Nissan Altimas, the car company used social media to post clues. This interactive tactic will energize your target audience. Participants will most likely share photos and tag the event on social media. This is free promotion!
  • Viral content Create viral videos and eye-catching photographs to get your brand noticed online. Do you remember the hilarious viral video created by Ojai Valley Taxidermy that was viewed over 18,000,000 times? This tactic is used by viral marketers to increase brand recognition . A viral campaign is one that spreads like a virus and can reach large audiences.

These examples show how brands used creative, but unconventional ways to promote their business. Guerilla marketing can also work for your online shop – raising brand awareness in your local community and beyond.

Guerilla Marketing Tips for Your Online Store

It’s now time to get creative and make your online shop standout. Here are some ideas:

  • Make walking billboards. Transform your products into billboards. Make your logo, and attach it to any product. Create custom-designed products such as T-shirts, coffee cups, laptop stickers, and more. Every order includes a free item. Boom. Boom.
  • Organise a giveaway. A giveaway is a great way of increasing your followers. Anyone who likes your Facebook Page will be eligible for a single entry. Double your chances of winning if someone shares the link to your store on social media. The person who generates the most buzz wins a prize. This tried-and-true strategy has worked well. Free stuff is a great thing!
  • Pop-up shops can be set up. The way people shop has changed with eCommerce. However, physical retail is not dead. Pop-up stores are a great way for your online store to be noticed offline. Live streaming can be incorporated into your event to encourage shoppers to share it on social media.
  • Make your holiday. Have you ever heard of National Bike Month or Teddy Bear Day? These are real events. You can celebrate almost anything. You can create your own holiday for your store, or your best-selling product. Encourage your followers to tag photos of you wearing your product using #HappyHatDay along with your business name.
  • Get in touch with influential people. Twitter published a survey showing that 49% turn to influencers for help when selecting a product. Don’t miss the chance to reach more customers. Promote your products by connecting with YouTubers and bloggers. In exchange for sales, you can offer your influencers free products or a percentage of sales. Let’s suppose you sell yoga mats. It might be a good idea to network with yoga influencers who have large followings on YouTube or Instagram. These partnerships will allow you to tap into an engaged audience.
  • Make viral videos. Your website can see a 157% increase of organic traffic if you create video content. Your audience will share funny and clever videos. This adorable video of a dancing chimpanzee was shown by the Dallas Zoo. This video received over 3,000,000 views and national attention via major media outlets. You can create a quick, shareable video with Wix’s Video Maker if you have time.

Guerilla Marketing Maximizing Your Local Reach

Many new business owners make the error of trying to market too widely. Before you expand to other markets, make sure your roots are in place.

You can think on a local scale both online and offline. Promotion of your business at community events. To build relationships and exchange promotional offers, connect with other small businesses in your local area. For more information and to be listed in your local business directory, contact media channels. Get your local SEO ranking through Google My Business. These are all great ways to reach customers in your local area.

Guerilla marketing can be creative and reach your community.

  • Local musicians and artists can be sponsored or collaborated with. Promote your brand at events and shows.
  • For greater reach, join forces with local businesses like this surprising partnership between Colgate toothpaste & a pizzeria.
  • Make a projection display of your logo on a blank wall at night.
  • Random acts of kindness can be done in your community. Do not forget to share the video.
  • Stickers of your logo can be printed, handed out, or hung. These striking logo designs are a great source of inspiration.


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