Future POS Partners with PAX A920: A Game Changing Mobile Solution for Today’s Restaurateur

It’s tough to believe that it has been four years since Future POS first introduced their revolutionary cross platform POS app that runs on both Android and iOS. At that moment, Future POS President John Giles was quoted as saying”with the mobile operating system war more hotly contested than ever, it seemed absurd for us to bet the future of our firm on who we thought that the winner would be. We decided that any app we made had to be 100% cross platform to prevent obsolescence in only a couple years. We picked a tool that enabled us to leverage the 16 years of’C’ code we have developed in the industry standard Future POS Front End. The tool also enables us to write the app after, and compile it to get bot iOS and Android. Additionally, it means that the code from the app that’s calculating sales tax is the exact same code that does it in our battle proven Windows product, therefore we do not have to begin from square one such as the many iPad science projects which have come to market in the past couple of decades.”






Fast forward to today where Future POS will celebrate their 20th Anniversary and continue to be leaders at the POS arena. The mobile app is rock solid and has been used by many restaurant chains in addition to other large volume locations. The problem hasn’t been the POS technology but instead finding a trusted device that can support our app.

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Yes, of course Prospective POS clients can use an iPod, iPad Mini, and iPad. But let’s face it those devices aren’t actually designed to be rugged and finding a dependable Android apparatus has been a nightmare up until today.

Future POS has just been certified with the PAX A920-The world’s first Android tablet mobile terminal with complete EMV payment industry certificates. The A920 is stylish and includes a 5-inch high-resolution color touch screen, dual cameras, underside-positioned fast thermal printer, innovative connectivity options, NFC capacities, GPS technology and digital signature capture performance. Additionally the PAX A920 has 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 2D scanner. The state-of-the-art processors and large memory capability enable exceptionally fast processing of applications applications.

This exciting venture is expected to take the industry by storm because it is what everybody has been waiting for and more. The Future POS app is just cool…it leverages technologies that other companies have not even considered. Things like”speech to text” for order entry, RFID support for automatic test recovery based on the closest table, and soon to be published Fingerprint Recognition, which Future POS initiated in its Windows product.

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