Five Reasons Why Customer Service Is As Important As The Products You Sell

All of us remember that time we called into customer service and were placed on hold for hours aided by a less-than-qualified representative and left to fend for ourselves. The experience was frustrating, postponed and downright displeasing. At that very moment we would ask ourselves, do I really should remain with this company if this is the way they treat paying customers? With so many choices out there, do I want to continue to commit my emotional energy into a service which I can not rely on or have the pleasure of using? With firms constantly being under pressure to increase their bottom lines and meet shareholders, it is clear that the first place they look to reduce would be the cost of an ancillary service, but in doing this, overlook an element of the company that’s as important as the product or service they sell. I offer you five reasons why customer service must always remain a high priority.

If your clients can not use your product they will cancel their support

This is the most obvious reason whatsoever, but it appears to fall on deaf ears of many small business owners. If someone calls into service and is not able to have their issue addressed, or frustrated by the time they have invested in resolving the issue, they will cancel the service leading to a reduction in earnings for your company, plain and simple.

Perceptions are formed by the customer service quality a company delivers

More times than not, a company that’s been around for decades, has an in-demand item, which holds onto a loyal customer base, can endure in the hands of pain by understanding. Take Dell for example. A recent service call I made to inquire about updating a part of my PC led me on a wild goose chase. First I was routed to an international call centre (through US hours) where I had been asked a series of questions — having dialed the customer support number right — before being moved to a particular business unit, talking with an individual who supplied me with the wrong info, and ended up with me ordering a part that was too large for my terminal and that I have to return. Your product might be strong, but when after becoming a customer of yours I find myself treated as second-rate, I ai not purchasing from you again.

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Replacing phone service with only live chat and email will cost you in the long run

As a company scales up, keeping only email and chat support won’t suffice. As a business grows so do your goods, which make more sophisticated and means your clients will want to as well. Not everyone adheres to new creations on the exact same level; those which have a steep learning curve will need more catered help that can’t be addressed by merely skimming through a couple of user guide pages. While taking telephone support as an option off the table can save you some money, you’re probably going to wind up costing yourself more in lost business than you would have gained from the investment in call agents. Here at ConnectPOSwe put customer service in the forefront of our mission statement because we realize that each and every time we walk into a shop, we become a direct recipient of the support which our products provide others.

Good customer support will get people talking about Your Business

Part of a customer’s overall perception of your company is that the help and attention they got when they had a problem and the follow-through they obtained on their end. The sooner a client is back up and running, the sooner they could rave about how your offerings are profiting them or their own enterprise. Fittingly, the NY Times found that 65% of new business comes from referrals. If this statistic holds true that means it is equally or more important for a company to keep their present clients happy if they desire to continue their expansion.

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A strong Customer Care centre is a sign that a company truly cares about their clientele

The last thing a patron would like to feel is that a company’ only concern is to get you to pay for their support and then set you on the back of their priority list. Ever notice when you dial a provider’s sales line or call to cancel your subscription you are treated with greater esteem and eagerness than when you talk with someone in the customer relations department? This shouldn’t be the case. All services are not 100% reliable, but when push comes to shove, how you respond to the people that keep your organization afloat reveals a whole lot about the values and empathy that you hold towards other people.

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