Five Reasons to Create Original Document Templates For Your Organization

If you use retail software system, usually templates to your own invoices and waybills are offered that take into account essential details. Traditionally it’s not possible to modify the document templates from the consumer, besides incorporating their company logo to a certain location. ConnectPOS retail software system provides free hands to our clients by offering solution to make your very own original document mall which takes into account all of the particular information that derives from the organization needs is on the files. Here we take five factors why creating special and authentic document template for your business is excellent idea.

1. Transmitting image

Invoice that’s delivered to the client can be considered a communication channel in exactly the same manner that any other method of communicating. Specially created and deriving from company´s brand it can help acknowledge the picture by your clients and it can support the rest of the communication channels which are required to use for this purpose. What’s more, it is helpful to acknowledge the brand by your company´s staff also. Already chance to add header or footer with your motto gives a fantastic opportunity for this. If you already have a brand style guide, you can make your files in ConnectPOS according to that.

2. Possibility to present unconventional information

We’ve understood that our customers often need to present information on their papers which is specific and depending on the specifics of the business processes. It may be have to exposit QR-code, additional details concerning the goods or simply some need for some extra field with conditions of this document. Actual Reports environment for creating document templates in ConnectPOS does offer possibility to create and modify the fields that you especially want how you would like to.

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3. Differentiation

Every organization is unique in the topics of business processes. Regrettably, retail software developers normally do not take it into account. Like CV that differs from all other will probably be remembered more, so likely document with different design that’s delivered to the client will help to distinguish your organization better from different ones. Through that you raise probability your company will be top-of-mind on your sector.

4. Visual aesthetics

If there’s possibility to modify something much more beautiful with maintaining the operation, then why not to do this? Although beauty is subjective, there are certain widely accepted aesthetical ideals which you could effectively use. Documents which are beautifully designed offer pleasure to your customers and partners while also giving added value to your service or product.

5. Marketing channel. Campaigns.

Like mentioned in the first stage where we provided possibility to use documents as a communication channel for distributing your company´s image, there’s possibility to use documents as promotion and advertising channels also. At the moment if there’s marketing campaign happening it seems quite reasonable idea to let your clients know about it if you send them files (for example invoices) anyway.

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