Everything You Will Need to Know About Caring for Your Touchscreen POS System

Maintaining your touchscreen POS clean is the trick to keeping it functioning correctly. They’re touched by several hands and are exposed to dirt, grime, dirt, sweat, and lots of others elements through the day. However, proper care of a touchscreen isn’t as straightforward as it appears. Improper cleaning can cause the system to malfunction, which is costly to your company. Here are the vital measures to cleaning your touchscreen POS.

1. Read the touchscreen manual

Before cleaning your touchscreen POS, make certain to read all information that might have been supplied to you by your VAR or hardware manufacturer about caring for the apparatus. Follow any suggestions before continuing to step 2.

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2. Turn off all parts

Though many touchscreen POS systems include a”cleaning mode” from the POS software, it’s a good idea to switch off the computer and the screen of your touchscreen POS first. 1 reason for this is that the screen remains lit while in”cleaning mode,” that might make you miss spots while cleaning the display. Another reason for this is even though it’s a specific”cleaning mode,” there’s still power running through the touchscreen POS. If you’re using anything moist to clean the screen, exposing a device with power running through it to moisture sets the apparatus in danger of damage.

3. Use a dry cloth first

Now the touchscreen POS is off, wipe the screen gently with a dry cloth that’s soft and lint-free. A microfiber fabric is the best choice for this. Avoid using paper towels or rags as they can spread lint all over your screen, and they have an abrasive feel that could damage the display’s surface. If your display needs further cleaning following this step, move to step 4.

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4. Use distilled water or touch screen cleaner

If a dry cloth was not sufficient to remove the fingerprints, grime, or dirt in the touchscreen POS, use a gentle, lint-free, or microfiber fabric that’s lightly dampened with distilled water. Never use any chemicals like window cleaner in your touchscreen POS. This can result in damage to the surface of the screen. You could also use touchscreen cleaning kits which may be bought at an electronics shop, which include a solution specific for cleaning touchscreens. Just spray a small bit of this solution on the fabrics which come in the kit and gently wipe the screen until it’s clean.

5. Do not forget to wash

Whether using distilled water or a touch screen cleaning kit, always make sure you provide the display one last wipe down with a gentle, lint-free, or microfiber cloth. Make sure that the screen is totally dry before turning in your touchscreen POS.

Touchscreen POS is an investment you have made for your organization, and like all investments, they have to be protected. Maintaining your displays clean protects them from damage or malfunction, detriments that can cost your organization money to fix or replace. Routine maintenance of your touchscreen POS will result in longer-lasting hardware so that your company can continue to flourish

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