Company Rules, fulfill Custom Fields on our new platform, Workflows.

Just over a month ago, we published a completely new platform for retailers and add-on programmers, known as Workflows. Our vision is for ConnectPOS to stay easy-to-use and easy-to-learn whilst getting more and more flexible to support varied companies in their special workflows. It is sad that so frequently enterprise-style software sucks: by chasing flexibility and customisation, they lose any hope of remaining easy-to-use, nice-to-use even. We’ve got a very different vision for ConnectPOS!

Regardless of who we talk to, whether it’s somebody who has just opened their first retail shop –or a number of our main enterprise customers–that ConnectPOS is easy-to-use is on peak of the list of reasons why folks love ConnectPOS. We’re not prepared to let that go.

Saying that, we can certainly do better. ConnectPOS’s ease-of-use right now is frequently hampered by the fact that retailers can not achieve precisely what they want in ConnectPOS. It would be much easier to train your workers, for example:

  • If you did not need to teach them and remind them, and audit them on up-selling warranties.
  • Or collecting serial numbers at POS.
  • Or checking IDs.
  • Or requesting a client’s shoe size so you can recommend something else in the future.
  • Or getting their phone number so that you can send them SMS campaigns.
  • Or even just asking them permission to use the email address you currently have on file, to send them special offers.
  • Heck, perhaps you’d love your employees to bring a client to as many sales as possible and that is presently a mission: constant reminders and hassling.
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The thing is, you probably don’t need each and every thing in that list. It would be tempting for us to attempt to build them all and insert them into ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS are the most full-featured POS on the market! Right? Possibly–but that is the trap every single other venture POS has fallen for. That is why those POSes are so tough to use, why you wind up needing to train your employees to ignore half of the buttons and features because”we do not use that”. Rather than making your life easier, your POS gets still another thing whatsoever. At ConnectPOS, we’ve got a very simple goal: a new staff member ought to have the ability to begin using ConnectPOS with practically no instruction at all. That is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. That means we can not turn our merchandise into a feature-trap.

Workflows is our solution to this problem. Last month we published Business Rules APIs which comprised Event triggers, remote Business Rules and Actions. Today I’m excited to announce Custom Fields APIs.

Custom Fields API

When I described the vision of Workflows, lots of the use cases comprised requesting a bit of information at POS. That is possible now with our Custom Fields APIs. Like Business Rules, We’re beginning with the Sell display –and Custom Fields builds on top of the worth of Business Rules.

This release includes:

  • A new Custom Fields API allowing you to create custom fields on Clients, Products, Sales and Line Items.
  • New activities in Business Rules (known as set_custom_field and require_custom_field) which permit you to specify or prompt to the cashier to enter values to be stored to an existing custom field. (Currently only compatible with Luxurious and Line Item Custom Fields).
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To begin is simple:

  1. Register a Custom Field with the API on Each Line Products, or Sales.
  2. Start responding to a Business Rules occasion with an action’require_custom_field’
  3. Read the value from the Custom Field with the API.

That’s it!

A JSON response will leave something like this for the cashier to react to!

This is the start of Custom Fields. We all know that for many retailers, you are likely to want to have the ability to add a Custom Field to a Client, or a item. You’re going to need to edit these Custom Fields when you edit the Client or Product, right there at the UI. We are not there yet–but we’ll get there.

Today, you’ll have the ability to prompt a cashier to update a Custom Field when they hit the Pay button on the Market display. As we include more Events to Business Rules, or entities that encourage Custom Fields, you can see how fast the whole platform becomes much more valuable and flexible.

We are truly excited about these attributes –we believe you should be too! In actuality, if you want to find out more about how to build together with Workflows since you’ve got specific requirements for your retail business, or you are an add-on programmer (or want to be) and want to make certain you’re shipping the very best experience to your clients then please, get in touch. Workflows is currently in Beta, and the only way to begin using it right now is by talking to us.

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