CBD POS Software: Key Features to Maximize Profits

In the digital age, businesses in all industries are very competitive and often have to combine multiple channels, both traditional and online businesses. To do this successfully, they need to find support from sales management software to simplify the management process and increase operational efficiency. Those tools include POS (point-of-sale) systems. For businesses that sell CBD products, choosing a simple POS system that meets the needs of the retailer will be difficult. Therefore, they are always looking for solutions that offer more extensive features. In this article, we would like to give the key features of cannabis POS software to maximize benefits for your CBD store.

Overview of POS software

A POS system is not simply a cash register or payment terminal. It includes a software solution that helps salespeople do all the work of managing and optimizing internal processes from inventory management, sales, and customers to employees. The software of the POS system allows the creation, processing, and detailed storage of all transactions, products, statistics, and related reports. Depending on the needs, the software will be customized to meet the necessary needs.

Modern POS systems feature an easy-to-use user interface accompanied by powerful analysis and management functions. Employees will easily process transactions on the displayed interface and managers will easily control them in one place and at the same time.

Key Features You Need to Maximize Benefits from Your CBD POS software

Key features you need to maximize benefits from your CBD POS software

Inventory Management

One of the essential features of this software is its inventory management feature. This feature allows users to track inventory levels, costs, and profits in real-time and automates the buyer’s ordering and replenishment process. A good piece of cannabis POS software provides an inventory management feature that helps businesses manage product variants, packages, and modifiers, as well as generate reports and alerts about emergencies that warehouses are meeting.

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If your business offers cannabis products, a good POS system with powerful inventory management will help merchants optimize inventory turnover, reduce waste and wastage, and increase sales and profit. Retailers will easily track detailed information of each product, remaining quantity, and market demand. Based on reports and analysis from this management system, you will make purchasing decisions for best selling. Good reporting and analytics will also allow stores to customize and export their reports, and integrate with other tools and platforms to complete business processes.

Good management of cannabis products by administrators will reduce conflicts in the sales channel system when sales increase. Shipping, receiving, and order fulfillment will be smoother, with reduced errors, negative customer feedback, and even employee stress.

Key Features You Need to Maximize Benefits from Your CBD POS software

Customer Management

For businesses in general and businesses that sell CBD products in particular, customer management is a tough job. Without an effective omnichannel customer care solution, businesses will suffer not only from the brand image but also revenue, profit, operating process, and many other factors. Therefore, cannabis POS software that provides customer management features will be an effective support tool for the success of the company.

A piece of software that manages customer information well is a highly adaptable, integrated solution with many different features to bring all customer information into one system, handling take-care activities for customers quickly and synchronizing information with other features such as shipping, goods management, and sales

That software should be capable of supporting customer analysis when information is available.

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The data about the history of purchases and transactions can also be stored in the CRM (customer relationship management) feature. From there, the seller will have an accurate view of the customer’s portrait, characteristics, and buying habits to offer appropriate individual care plans. Thanks to this feature, the purchasing process will be personalized and provide a perfect experience. The store will also easily introduce and sell products through email marketing, sending messages to customers. In addition, loyal customers will receive incentives when making purchases that are directly charged to the bill with a percentage depending on the number of accumulated points they have.


The omnichannel feature is essential for cannabis POS software because today’s businesses tend to switch to both physical stores and online stores. This feature is powered by a POS system that will allow merchants and buyers to perform real-time synchronization, allowing customers to move seamlessly between different touchpoints. For a less popular commodity like cannabis, omnichannel selling gives buyers the freedom to order online and receive in-store. If the company chooses a suitable solution, it will limit the disparity of information between different sales platforms and provide customers with the best experience.

Key Features You Need to Maximize Benefits from Your CBD POS software

The omnichannel feature of a POS solution requires integration with many other software and devices such as accounting, e-commerce, CRM, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and so forth. The feature will come with good integration and compatibility to help businesses synchronize their data across multiple locations, channels, and platforms, and update software automatically and securely. This helps streamline workflow, enhance customer experience, and expand the company’s reach and capabilities.

Notably, when selling CBD products with many different attributes, including flavor, roll, and origin, the price will vary. Therefore, the omnichannel feature of a system will make it easier for employees to provide customers with accurate information or assist digital buyers in selecting and paying for desired items.

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ConnectPOS is great cannabis POS software

ConnectPOS is the best cannabis POS system for businesses. First of all, it provides order management features that help retailers to accept any request from customers. Order fulfillment will also become easier than ever thanks to the support of the entire process from acceptance, to packaging and shipping. In particular, it provides warehouses with the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) solution combined with centralized data features to help them manage product metrics, align them with customers’ orders, and even devise marketing and sales strategies accordingly. This feature for cannabis businesses is important to meet state and regional laws. ConnectPOS for CBD is particularly adept at dividing inventory, sales by grams, and packages.

Key Features You Need to Maximize Benefits from Your CBD POS software

Another great thing about this system is that it has integrated payment gateways and supports a variety of payment methods to facilitate the buying and selling process of both parties. Buyers can pay in many ways such as cash, credit or debit card, or payment through a third-party payment gateway. All of these transaction histories will be stored along with order information so you can better serve your customers in the future and retain more loyal customers. Notably, detailed reports and analysis will also be set up with many flexible integrations so that the store can expand and choose business activities more wisely, optimizing revenue and profit. You can experience this software solution for free with its 14-day free trial.


To maximize the benefits of trading CBD products, sellers need to choose cannabis POS software that is modern and offers the most relevant features to keep the business active. Contact us if you are looking for the best POS system.

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