Can it Really Matter Who You Purchase a POS System From?

The point of sale marketplace is a small minefield — and there is no shortage of companies selling POS systems nowadays. We could write an entire article about the various selections on the market, but for simplicity, let us differentiate the market by just 1 criterion: POS providers offering multiple options in comparison to those who only push you, and only one.

Having Point of Sale Options to Choose From

Let’s say you are going car shopping but you are not sure precisely what you would like. The first dealership you stop into just offers Ford trucks. You can imagine how the conversation would perform:

I’m searching for a new vehicle.

Great, I have a Ford truck with your name on it!

I have six children.

Perfect, Ford trucks are terrific for kids.

I reside in New York .

Even better. Ford trucks are made for town driving.

I am very environmentally focused.

When compared with a Hummer, Ford trucks get AMAZING gas mileage…

Here is the point of the heavy-handed analogy. The unique facets of your company and what you want from a point of sale system do not matter when you talk to a company that only offers, and heavily pushes, 1 option.

The sales rep does not have to ask questions about your company because the answers are not important to them. That single option will be shoved down your throat if you like it or not. Viewed in that light, the advantages of buying a point of sale system from a POS company that delivers flexibility is pretty simple — you will have far more choices and a whole lot more customization to your company.

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Working with a Product Specialist vs. Working with a Salesperson

When a sales rep is tasked with selling a particular system, they’re just interested in selling which system to you. Whether their POS is most appropriate for your type of business or not, the sales rep will do everything in their ability to convince you that it’s. That is their job: convince you to decide on which system no matter what.

On the other hand, ConnectPOS product specialists have worked with enough companies in the areas we specialize in: spirits, wine, tobacco, retail, convenience stores, supermarkets, markets, yard and garden centers, and hardware stores. When you talk to our staff members, they know straight away if our software can’t just encourage, but grow with your organization. The experience is similar to talking to a consultant who is an expert in the business.

We learn about your company and listen to what is important to you. They provide our recommendation to you based on your company needs. They could compare their recommendation to the other possibilities, and while no system is perfect, they could explain why it is the best system for you — even if that means going with a ConnectPOS competitor.

Compare both experiences and the differences are stark.

The Effect on Your Business

Again, no system is perfect, but your company will run smoother when you’ve got a system designed to fulfill your needs rather than you having to change your business processes to fulfill up with the plan of their POS system. Perhaps you wanted that Ford truck along — but if you are an environmentalist living in New York City with six children, it may be wonderful to hear about a few other options also.

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Setting up Your Point of Sale System

A massive box was delivered to your storefront and you understand just what it is — a fresh point of sale system! Now that it is in your hands, we are positive you’re ready to get things going. Our experts are here to aid you with the installation and training of your new system because after all, our job is not done until you are in action.

How Can I Set up my POS Hardware?

Setting up your hardware is simpler than you’d think. The benefit of buying a complete point of sale system from us is that it is a plug-and-play solution. Take it from the box, plug everything in, and it is all set! Our team of technicians preconfigures your hardware so you don’t need to worry about any installments as soon as it arrives at your shop.

If you are a visual person and would love to see someone set up the hardware, then check out our ConnectPOS University Hardware 101 lecture! The normal point of sale setup is accompanied by an all-in-one computer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, and customer pole display. There are videos for these common elements, in addition to additions like weight scales.

Can Someone Come I and my Staff?

Once everything is plugged in and powered up, all you will need to do is dive in and become knowledgeable about the software. The options we provide are proven to be instinctive and user-friendly but we know that technology is not everybody’s cup of tea. That is why we have an extensive set of software training videos that will assist you begin!

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