Birthday Month Marketing Campaign

The Birthday Month effort can drive gigantic repeat sales every month – if it’s executed correctly…

There’s 1 question which remains always common across all retailers; how do we increase repeat sales?

As a merchant you are probably already aware of the birthday month advertising concept that’s an approach where existing clients are pushed special offers throughout the build-up days and week prior to their birthday month.

It’s not a new idea.

What’s new is how the campaign is implemented.

Many retailers choose not to use the birthday month strategy with the frequent frustration being administrative time consumption.

We’re going to demonstrate how you can effortlessly execute this marketing strategy into your current marketing strategy andwe guarantee that when the strategy is always utilised every month, it is going to deliver new sales that are rewarding.

How it works

Every month send an email and SMS to all of your customers which have a birthday coming up next month. Ensure there’s sufficient time between the email / SMS entry and birthday date to allow the client to respond and action the info.

Within the email and SMS, give an exclusive, highly compelling, time-limited promotional offer that’s only available during their birthday month.

It’s fundamentally important that this offer is perceived as a gift by your client. By way of example, a particular offer Gift Voucher, Coupon or Multibuy Offer, which should still include an expiry date and bonus loyalty points.

This is a compelling incentive to encourage customers to come back to you shop or revisit your site and buy another item. With this incentive this new transaction might not happen.

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It’s a new sale, with very little cost and a excellent way of discounting without damaging your brand.

This strategy can also be extended as an additional new client acquisition incentive, by inviting your client to share the deal with friends and loved ones.

The question that’s most asked is,”how do you attain this without spending many hours on the administrative tasks to run and install the effort”?

The first thing you will need to do is begin capturing the birthday information of each customer that visits instore, capture the data in your point of sale system.

A simple job for the sales staff who need to have the ability to capture the data with only a couple clicks.

You may incentivise the client with a reward like a future reduction which increases the amount of consumers handing over their arrival date information.

This strategy helps increase your named earnings rate that ought to be working at a minimum of 70 percent of all your transactions, depending on the product category of course.

The next step is to recognize the ideal messaging for use and the incentive on offer. You’ll also need to recognize the channels you wish to market the offer through together with optimum times to communicate with your clients.

The application of this incentive, if it be an offer, voucher or discount has to be a quick and effortless process handled inside your retail applications. If this process can’t be achieved in a few clicks, then you face the risk of increased administrative time or your employees just skipping past it.

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The idea here would be to get rid of administrative friction.

The last task is to make sure your retail software recognises which among your clients is expected to receive the incentive every month. It’s important that your software also recognises that messages will need to be sent in time.

Having the essential components of the campaign setup correctly on your retail program ensures that advertising campaign runs smoothly every month getting new sales that you would not have.

Now you can get smart with the effort.

Offers and messages can be personalised to clients past buying behaviour in addition to other profile info you have on your software.

By way of instance, you can recommend certain products based on previous purchases and provide them as a birthday incentive.

Th secret to success is to start simple and then later in more complex tactics as you go. Get this right you will significantly boost your bottom line and your clients will love you.



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