b8ta Launches Community-Driven Retail Concept in Los Angeles

b8ta is the pioneer in retail-as-a-service (RaaS) and the first to launch a community-driven fashion and lifestyle retailer concept that focuses on meaningful engagement and discovery. Forum will open in Los Angeles on November 15th. It will be a place where modern consumers can find forward-thinking brands that value quality, design, and sustainability.

Forum will be a social marketplace. Brand partners will create their own spaces and have creative control over curating brand experiences for consumers. This includes product launches, community, influencer, VIP events, and even product launches. It will allow brands to test new markets, products and brand messaging. The platform will use b8ta’s RaaS software platform, which will deliver insights to brand partners about in-store engagement and impression count of guests who walk by their place, time spent browsing and how often a piece is put into the dressing area.

Phillip Raub, cofounder and president of B8ta, says that many of the same problems we set out solve with b8ta also exist in other verticals. “As we began to explore new categories and industries, the fashion and apparel sector was the most vocal advocate for new experiences. We asked a small team of people to create a business plan and a brand that was consistent with our core values. Forum was thus born.

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Forum was created by b8ta to provide a platform for consumers who are looking for genuine connections with brands and engage with brands that have similar values. Forum will have ALALA, a women’s athleisure brand, as its first anchor partner. It will also feature a rotating selection from over 25 brands. Forum will feature a different brand that is shared with consumers to encourage conversation and engagement.

Raub states, “We are excited that the store is now at 100 percent capacity. It will have a mix of men’s, woman’s and unisex merchandise.” Similar to b8ta we will also have tools that can help us assess the success of a product outside of their in-store sales. These insights will inform our partnerships team about the products that we should be carrying in the future.

Raub believes that brand loyalty does not just begin with great products. Raub notes that loyalty is built on trust, relationships and a sense community. You can’t take your customers as your customers. We have a great team that will be brand ambassadors for our partners as well as social advocates for our guests.

Forum will offer a unique and innovative experience for customers in its dressing rooms that utilizes RFID technology. Brands can change the backdrops of dressing rooms to reflect their brand’s aesthetics and encourage social media sharing. The digital display in the dressing room will allow consumers to view information about the brand and their products as well as request different sizes and colors.

Although b8ta has plans to open more Forum locations, the company felt Los Angeles was the best choice for its launch.

Raub states, “We considered a variety of markets but L.A. felt natural.” “There is a large designer/maker community in L.A., which was a perfect fit for the brand we were creating. Forum will expand beyond L.A. in 2020. Our primary goal is to open the Forum store and provide an unforgettable experience for our brand partners.


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Source: https://www.mytotalretail.com/article/b8ta-launches-community-driven-retail-concept-in-los-angeles/

Three Ways That Your Onboarding isn’t Setting Seasonal Hiring Up for Success

This sentence took you just a few seconds to read. A crop of skilled seasonal employees got job offers from your competition. This means that the highly sought-after pool of seasonal retail talent has become even smaller. The U.S. unemployment rate remains at a historic low of 3.7 percent.

Many retailers are trying to hire for the holidays earlier than usual because of the talent shortage. Kohl’s began staffing seasonal positions in 500 stores in July. This is more than double the amount of locations it has hired last year. In mid-September, Target said it would hire more 130,000 temporary workers to work during the holidays. Retailers are under pressure to raise hourly wages . Many also offer additional perks such as discounts, casual dress codes, signing bonuses, and gym memberships. These strategies are great for attracting high-quality associates. However, it is difficult to keep them productive and engaged. Part-time store workers have a much higher turnover rate than the retail industry. This can really impact your bottom line. To replace an associate , retailers can expect to pay 16% of their annual salary. This means that it will cost over $3,000 to replace someone earning $10 an hour.

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Are You Overwhelmed by Your Onboarding?

Retailers can be forgiven for being obsessed with strategies to hire the best seasonal talent, given their talent pool pressures. To have a successful holiday season, it is crucial to get these new hires up and running quickly. This means that you need to examine your onboarding process. These are three indicators that your employee onboarding plan isn’t preparing your seasonal hires for success.

  1. It overwhelms associates with too many details at once. It is a surefire way of making associates feel overwhelmed. They will forget most of the information if it isn’t reinforced. Instead, you should help them learn the most important things to get started immediately.
  2. There are hard stop and finish dates. This can make associates feel like they’re throwing them in the deep end. It also puts them at greater risk of leaving during the most disruptive times of the year. Why not ensure that onboarding is continuous? It increases their confidence and engagement by reminding them of the most important things each shift. Moreover, continuing training does not have to require them to get up and go to long sessions. It is easier to remember and access the long-term information by breaking it down into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Everyone is treated the same. A veteran associate may have different skills and knowledge than someone who is just starting out in seasonal hiring. There will always be things that everyone needs to know (such as your culture and products), but your onboarding process should consider their needs and adapt to ensure everyone performs at their best.

In this era of intense competition for seasonal talent, your onboarding is more important than ever. Your operations will run smoothly if you have a consistent onboarding strategy. This allows you to quickly transition seasonal hires from being seasonal to being seasoned. It also puts you in a position to provide an engaging, positive experience so seasonal hires will want to return next holiday season.


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Source: https://www.mytotalretail.com/article/3-ways-your-onboarding-isnt-setting-seasonal-hires-up-for-success/

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