API (Application Programming Interface)

API (Application Programming Interface)

API (Application Programming Interface): In common terms, API can be described as a set of clearly determined communication methods among different components. API consists of communication protocols, tools, and subroutine definitions, required for a structure of this program.

In the payments industry, API is an integration type, that describes how the buyer’s and seller’s computers handle communication with a banking service in order to make a payment, look up details of a transaction, refund a sale, set a billing program, etc..

The most widespread API type for the internet service is a REST API. The major of individuals APIs are the REST ones. They provide more flexibility and operate straight from the https URL.

How do the REST API work?

  • API-enabled application (should be online )
  • Remote server
  • Data request
  • Returned data or function

REST API is a standardized wrapper and it helps applications to communicate successfully with servers which are online.

For merchants, API integration means enhanced control over the payment process. Considering that the merchant is responsible for the development and implementation, he is free to pick any features he needs. Furthermore, API allows for deep customization, which is excellent for design and branding.

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Not only API matches for a high-volume turnover, but additionally, it offers advanced analytics. And innovative analytics means better business planning and management.

Nevertheless, merchants will have to remember if they want an API integration which they should also acquire a PCI DSS. As the payment page is not hosted on the payment processors side, the merchant will create the card and personal data integrity.

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Address Verification Service (AVS)

Address Verification Service is a service intended to look at the address of the cardholder for combating fakement when shopping via the web or creating any transactions.

To put it differently, the Address Verification Service is an electronic system for fraud prevention. This system assesses the billing address that the customer provides when placing an order with the address given in the documents of the issuing bank. In the event once the AVS system finds inconsistency in speech information, it might be a sign of fraud, since the offender may have limited access to the cardholder’s personal information and can not provide a precise correspondence. Despite the fact that the inconsistency AVS does not ensure that the order is fraudulent, this is a sign you will have to listen to such payment and run an excess check in this regard.

For instance, when paying online from the card issued by a US bank, the acquiring bank can confirm the cardholder’s name together with his billing address (it is the address to which the bank that issued the card sends the monthly bill on this card). This happens if the acquirer bank or the payment gateway where the payment was made uses a service called AVS (Address Verification System).

Why to use address verification service

So, the primary goal of this service is that the check of advice that the buyer proposes about his credit card and about his character when placing the order, including the name and address of the owner, the delivery address for purchasing the merchandise, etc.. By means of example, if the home address of the card owner differs from the speech that is indicated in the region for the shipping of products, then this sort of transaction will be examined more scrupulously and may be rejected or the store can talk to the card owner for additional supporting information.

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Safety with address verification service check

It must be mentioned that this anti-fraud system does not offer complete protection against fraudsters. Actually, though all of the filter elements can be circumvented, this can be a demanding and time-consuming process.

It’s essential to indicate that a few years ago it was possible to buy goods using the generated credit card numbers in addition to delivery with no difficulties. Nowadays the purchase using a stolen credit card is represented as a complex, risky and costly strategy with unique participants, each of which could be hooked by law enforcement agencies at any time. That is why, together with the arrival of language check service system this previously profitable kind of criminal business now represents a sort of lottery, where the threat is unjustified for the frauds that considerably decrease the whole percentage of scams with credit cards.

The way the address verification service company works

Normally, this service is provided by companies that are independent of the banks. They make a request to the credit agencies in order to confirm if the entered name and billing address correspond with the card number and then they get a yes or no reply. This affirmation service operates in the united states, and can be gotten by acquiring banks or online shops in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. In other nations, address verification check does not exist, so overseas online shops can not confirm if the card with such a number belongs to a individual with a specific name, surname, and address.

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