Amazon Go Stores Coming To Chicago, San Francisco’s future cashier-free grocery store is coming to San Francisco, Chicago. is opening its Amazon Go store in San Francisco and Chicago. However, the company didn’t specify when it would open. The company has placed job listings on its website for store managers in these cities. These were first discovered by the Seattle Times. Amazon issued a statement confirming its plans to open stores in the two cities. Previous reports by Curbed, and the San Francisco Chronicle indicated that Amazon was interested in retail space within the two cities. Amazon Go currently has one store in Seattle, the hometown of the retailer. To track customers and inventory, the store has a variety of sensors and cameras. To enter the Amazon Go app, shoppers must open it. Any products purchased from the store will be automatically charged to their accounts when they leave.

Total Retail’s View: It has been known for some time that Amazon will expand its Amazon Go concept. Now, we have confirmation from Amazon of two new markets where it will open tech-focused stores. Although little has been said about the success or failure of the pilot store in Seattle (although there is no timeline), it seems that Amazon is happy with the performance of its Amazon Go store. While there may be some issues to resolve before a wider rollout, loss prevention is likely to be at the top of the list. Amazon seems determined to grow this concept and strengthen its position in the grocery market. At least in the beginning, the novelty effect should see people lining up to check out the new stores in Chicago and San Francisco.


Security is a priority for your retail stores

Customers who make monetary transactions online or in-store on your website are vulnerable to their data, especially if there aren’t adequate security measures. This applies to all retailers but is especially true for those who have multiple stores.

It’s easy to think that the website plugin or point-of-sale software has sufficient security. Security is an even larger problem that must be addressed from many angles in order to achieve success.

Internet Security Features

Many retail stores, especially franchises, can be connected to the internet via the internet. Security concerns arise because hackers, ransomware, and malware can make your customer data vulnerable. Ask Target. Target lost millions of dollars in the 2013 attack on their systems due to failing to adequately encrypt its credit card scanners.

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It is vital to take proper precautions online in order to protect your network. These are some tips to help you get started:

  • Securely connect enterprise networks over long distances using a SDWAN Pet Lovers did this to protect its franchises from ransomware attacks. To prevent attacks, the company installed firewalls at each location or unified threat management appliances (UTM). A SD-WAN connection is the simplest and best way to secure your network data.
  • Keep your data off-site to ensure that you don’t lose customers data in the event of a disaster. Cloud security is often more secure than traditional data centers.
  • Keep your software updated both online and in-store. Software systems will regularly release updates and patches to fix security holes and other problems. For best results, download updates as soon as you can.
  • Securely encrypt your credit card swiper. Any good POS software will include this feature. This basically means that your POS does not store credit card information. Hackers cannot access your POS credit card information.

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Security features in-store

Retail stores are plagued by product theft, particularly at the franchise level. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention about 35 million dollars a day are stolen from retailers each year. Safety measures in a store can make a big difference in protecting your profits from shoplifters. These are some tips to help protect your store against product theft.

  • Use visible security cameras which are more effective in stopping shoplifters that hidden ones. Although shoplifters may be able to see the cameras and avoid them, they are more effective as deterrents than hidden ones.
  • Make an action plan for your employees so they are familiar with the procedure for shoplifters. You can do the same to help your employees navigate an armed robbery. Employees can be “human sensors” to detect danger and protect the company. Safety should be the first priority. Educating employees can help to keep them safe and minimize loss.
  • Before you hire employees. Either your greatest advocate for store security, or your greatest liability. employees pose the greatest threat to an organization’s digital and physical security. While a background check is not necessary for every store associate you hire, it’s advisable. You will be able to save money if you have honest, qualified employees.
  • Keep your store secure after-hours You can reduce theft and improve your security while you are away from your store by installing a lock, alarm, and surveillance system.

Retail stores cannot have physical and digital security. The more up-to-date your strategies, the better you will be able to respond to a threat.


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