Advantages of Third Party ecommerce apps

One of the excellent things about being on a leading ecommerce platform — Bigcommerce, in my case — is the ability to easily connect third-party apps to your store.

Apps are created from a individual’s desire to use the native platform in a new and exiting way. Some apps are designed to create tasks more efficient, while some focus on making operation stronger. Sometimes an app is intended to only do something in a slightly different manner.

Gradually, I will browse the Bigcommerce app store to discover whether there’s any new or exciting apps that may help me drive revenue, improve conversion rates, help with customer retention, or help to make the task of running my online store simpler.

It’s important to understand the technical consequences of installing an app on your live environment. By means of instance, if you’re installing an app that will take care of your inventory, back up your current inventory database, as it will most likely be impacted during the setup process. Other apps may require you to make little alterations to your store’s theme. Again, it’s a wonderful idea to back up the theme’s files before changing the code.

Secondly, think about whether the alteration will add value to your online shop. For instance, if your customer base has a technical understanding of how to use your merchandise, it would be a massive value to connect those people through enhanced product reviews, such as a comment section on product pages, or maybe creating a community on your online shop.

Lastly, think about the time and energy regarding the direction and oversight of this app. If you’re rolling out a loyalty program, which member of this team will determine and implement the principles on when customers should be rewarded? How much of this process do you want automate and how much should keep the human element? While apps can provide you with unprecedented opportunity, be mindful what will change on both the admin and the customer side.

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Ecommerce platforms have a vetting process to record an app. But there are instances when apps will be available from a platform’s official app store. One simple way to assess whether an app will work for you will be to produce another store, to experiment. If you realize that you’re constantly tweaking things, you might think paying for another monthly subscription. Alternately, the store’s trial period is a terrific mechanism to achieve this.

Apps can have different pricing models that are oftentimes success based. One of my favorite apps, Signifyd, is an excess layer of fraud monitoring. It provides a pricing model that is free up to a certain number of transactions in exchange for placing its logo on your online store.

A wonderful way to unlock a discount or utilize services for free is in exchange for posts promotion or a case study that highlights how you are utilizing the app. This is a mutually beneficial way for both you and the company that developed the app to get brand exposure.

Apps can transform your store into something new and exciting for both you and the customers at very little cost compared to hiring a company to build a proprietary solution. Most apps offer support and are updated, to change with the times.

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