9 Tricks to Transform Ecommerce Page Visitors into Actual Customers

9 Tricks to Transform Ecommerce Page Visitors into Actual Customers

404. Three small numbers can make a huge difference. These numbers refer to the error message displayed by a server when it can’t locate a resource. They are likely the only http status codes that any seasoned internet user knows.



A 404 page can be a dead end for online shoppers. It’s also a major cause of bounce and untimely exit. You can get it from a variety of reasons: bad internal linking, dead links, expired products, or even sold-out items.

It is a banal and unattractive functionality, so why has it become an internet celebrity?

They are three numbers that, depending on your location, can bring unexpected joy. Many companies choose to overcome frustrations caused by an internet dead-end and adopt a humorous or more useful approach. Some 404 pages are now a destination all their own.

First, let’s talk about how to avoid them…

First, enable 404 error alerts – an automated report that appears in your analytics. This allows your web-team track and fix errors when they happen. One entry on a page 404 can be bad luck. It could be a misspelled address or an unexpected error. It could just be coincidence that there are two. Three or more could be a coincidence. External problems may be more difficult to solve. A permanent redirect, also known as a 301, is a quick fix. It will take you to the page you prefer.

This can be a challenge because it requires a lot manual labor. Ecommerce can lead to a lot of changes to the live pages. Product pages are especially susceptible to seasonal or availability changes. This issue can be mitigated by keeping expired product pages live, but removing them from the site’s navigation. Customers can still access the expired product page by visiting another site, but they cannot land on your website. This can help you boost your SEO, especially if your products have become famous.

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Now that we have covered some ways to avoid 404s, let’s take a look at what you can do to ensure your internet dead-space does more good and less harm.

These are separated into fun and practical approaches. However, I am not denying that they can be combined to create the best 404 example.

Optimize Practical Elements

Okay, you may not have the page they need but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing on your site that might be of value. These are some suggestions to help them get back on track.


You can use the space to show them a map of your website – which will also include links to other relevant content. This will give them a complete overview of all you have to offer and help them decide what direction to go.



ModCloth highlights key categories from its navigation to let their customers continue their journey.


Search functionality can be used in addition to your navigation, or as a complement. The search functionality works for two reasons. First, if an error message is due to a mistyped or broken link, then a search box gives them another chance to locate the item they are looking for. It allows them to expand their search for similar items, even if they don’t have the exact item they are looking for. Someone could type “red dress” to search for the same dress that they saw in a magazine and it has sold out.

OtterBox give their customers a chance to continue searching for the item they were looking for but humorously mitigate disappointment by telling them to do so only if they are “feeling optimistic.”


Recommendations can be a great way of using your 404 space to boost conversions. If people come to your site looking for something specific, then we must assume that they were. Why would you offer them anything that might help them achieve this end?


Purificacion Gar have two top-selling options for their 404 page.
One for women, one for men.

  • Cross-selling This examines the intent of the user and recommends items that are similar. If someone visits your store looking to buy a drill, but the model they are interested in is out of stock, you will show them the closest products.
  • Recommendations for landing pages: These are useful when someone visits your site via an external source. They collect data from all visitors to the broken pages and make recommendations based on what they view or purchase.
  • Recommendations for browsing history: This works for customers with browsing history. It recommends items that are related to previous interactions.
  • Most viewed items: If none or all of these are possible, consider showing your most loved products or categories. These are the most popular items, and if edited dynamically, they can also capitalize on current trends.

Shoppers can report issues

You should let people know if there is an issue with your site. This is a given by the nature of error messages. It should be easy to provide a simple form for people to report the problem. This will not only improve your site’s health but also help people feel that something is being done to address the problem. It turns out that complaining is only half the solution.

Soocial use a humourous partially pre-filled form (and a questionable photo of Sean Connery) to allow people to report the problem while being entertained.


Suggest Content

While recommending products on your 404 page may be one way to go, what about other areas of your website you might want to highlight? This is the place to go if you have social media sites or blogs that you want to air. This adds value to your customer and encourages them to continue their journey on your site.

At Nosto , we use our 404 page to suggest articles from the Nosto blog.

A Special Promotion

There will be certain items or lines you are more passionate about pushing throughout the year. Perhaps you even pay for display advertising. If so, why not use that empty space on your website? This is especially useful during busy sale days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, when items are frequently out of stock and the likelihood of 404 pages increasing, so you can get lost shoppers back on their way to the checkout.

Fun Approaches To Ecommerce 404 Pages

A simple, but highly effective way to add humor to a static page is to do so in a humorous manner. Although this takes little time after initial setup, it can make a big difference in removing negative connotations associated with a 404. Many companies choose to include their logos or mascots to maintain brand consistency. This can be very effective because it helps to distract from undesirable situations and shows some of the personality of your company.


Lego shows that a picture is worth 1,000 words. One lego man can remove the need to use technical jargon. It’s adorable, it’s hilarious, and it’s very on-brand.

Make it interactive

You can create something interactive and fun with a little bit more effort. What’s the benefit? The benefit? You can also increase their time on your site and make them feel good about your brand.

source https://www.nosto.com/blog/ecommerce-404-page/

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